Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Errands Day

Today's photos are courtesy of my husband Scott. He set the stage and took the shots. They make me smile. He's fun to be around.

Today I wore The Dress tucked into my skinny pink cords with my oxblood belt and my gold velour jacket and brown flats. It was a little too warm all day for the jacket, but I persevered anyway for the sake of the outfit. I'm also wearing my ribbon-and-beads necklace my college BFF Amanda made me one Christmas. That necklace has lasted a long, long time, considering it's made of ribbon. It's at least ten years old!

I spent most of my day today running errands: paying bills, buying groceries, signing Lolly up for swim lessons. The highlights of my day were lunch and dinner. For lunch, I met up with a couple of new friends, Victoria and Yuki, for lunch at the British cafe. We all had full Irish breakfasts (though I think we all forewent the black pudding), and the kids had sausage rolls and trifle. Victoria bought a pack of Tunnocks tea cakes, which she graciously shared amongst us. There's nothing quite like a Tunnocks tea cake to go with your cuppa tea!

Jaguar's new buddy

Ladies who lunch

For dinner, Scott, the kids and I went to Zaxby's (kids eat free on Wednesdays!) and it was nice just spending time with my family. But somewhere along the way to dinner, I started to develop a headache, which didn't go away. By the time I got home, I was feeling fairly poor. Scott made me take a painkiller while he put the kids to bed. Then he put the fire on for me and took these adorable pictures. (By the way, the whisky tumbler is empty. Shhh. Don't ruin it. We are sadly whisky deficient right now, but it makes for a good picture!)

By jeeves, I say, old chap, indubitably, pip pip, and what ho? 

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