Friday, July 30, 2004

Six Gerund Phrases and a Book Review

1. Having an address now in Scotland makes it feel more like home.

2. Waiting to fill out paperwork stresses me out. I like paperwork, and I like having it done months in advance.

3. Changing my last name is going to be legally very difficult. If I'm not legally Lori McFarlane, am I still able to sign cheques as her?
3.5. What do I put on my visa application? Lori Arnold or Lori McFarlane? Does it have to match my passport and plane ticket?

4. Dieting in the last months of living in this blessed restaurant-ridden country is getting to be a chore.
4.5. I shouldn't say "months", since it's only one full month and some weeks away.

5. Getting married for me means giving up a lot more than it does for the average couple. Giving up an awesome job, a country, all my belongings, my family and friends, and the joy of opening real wedding presents is a lot.
5.5. Not to mention cornbread and okra.

6. Shipping the few belongings I hold dear and cherished is beginning to look impossible. Unless God sends me $800-1000 in the mail within the next few weeks. Which He's perfectly able to do, though He may choose not to.

7. Intended for Pleasure is not as dirty as I hoped. I suppose one cannot expect dirty out of a Christian marriage book, but with a subtitle like "Sex Technique and Sexual Fulfillment", it wasn't outrageous to hope.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Roller Rink

Daniel White was the cutest boy in the whole school.  Granted that in a school of only a couple hundred K-12, it's not really a huge feat to be the cutest boy.  And I'm not sure if the opinion of a fifth grader even counted.  But to me, a skinny, monkey-armed, greasy-haired nine year old, he was certainly more handsome than any boy I'd ever seen.  He was so popular, he played Matthew in the school's production of Anne of Green Gables, he was dark-haired and had the nicest smile of all the high schoolers.  

I pined away for Daniel all year.  Even though other crushes certainly existed, none were as fantastic as Daniel.  I just knew that if only Daniel knew me, he'd fall in love with me-- and maybe he'd hold my hand!

Daniel was always so nice to me.  He knew my older brother, so he sort of knew me.  He knew my name and would say hi to me the few times I would be passing through the high school halls on my way to art or choir.  All my friends were sure he liked me back.  I jumped to any occasion that my teacher would need an errand run down to the high school halls.   When I could get away with it, I used the high school girls bathroom in hopes that one of the girls would tell me Daniel has been talking about me.  I waited patiently for this boy all year.  Any minute, I knew it was coming.  The romance of a lifetime.

As the school year neared the close, I became anxious.  Surely he'd forget all about me if a whole long summer went by without seeing me.  At the end of the year, the whole school took a field trip to the roller rink.   Naturally this was very exciting, Daniel or no.  But the fact that Daniel would be there made it all the more exciting.  I loved to skate, and I was a pretty fast skater, too.  I loved doing the limbo, and the hokey pokey, and all the races.  But most of all, I loved the couple skate.  When the DJ lowered the lights, turned on the disco ball and called over the speaker "Ladies and gentlemen, its time to find that special someone" I decided it was now or never.  I skated right up to Daniel and asked if he would couple skate with me.  Daniel, with his sweet smile and black hair, leaned forward, hands resting on his knees and looked at me.  Kindly he said, "Well, how about this.  I am fifteen and you are about ten.  Since I'm still a little too old for you, how about we wait until you are fifteen and I am twenty?  I'd love to couple skate with you then.  Is it a deal?"  My face broke out into a huge smile.  "Sure!"  He ruffled my hair, and I skated off happily, dreaming of being fifteen and Daniel being twenty and us couple skating, hand in hand, forever. 

I couple skated with my best friend as I told her all about mine and Daniel's plans for the future.


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Story

In eighth grade I stopped eating.  I can't really remember what started it.  I came back from a summer long mission trip to Pakistan, and I was skinny as a rail.  I got lots of "Oh my gosh you are so skinny!"  Usually not in a flattering way, but more out of shock.  Still I must've liked being noticed.  I've always liked being noticed.  That must be what started it.  For nine months (a school year) I barely ate.  I might have had a chocolate chip cookie here and there  or  a few spoonfuls of corn at dinner to appease my mother, but that was pretty much it.  For the most part, I dodged dinner time with my family, insisting I wasn't hungry, and dodged cafeteria lunch insisting I had no money.  A friend might offer me her french fries, and I'd eat a couple.  And that was my meal for the day.

Inside I knew I wasn't fat, and even deeper inside I knew what I was doing.  Deep down I knew I was trying to become anorexic.  In the quietest deepest part of my soul I knew this.  I knew that I would get noticed eventually, and someone would pay attention to me-- preferably my mom or dad.  I never would've admitted any of this to myself for that would've shed light on my supreme selfishness. But in my heart I knew that if I had a serious eating disorder, someone would have to care for me and pay attention to me.  Someone would feel sorry for me actually.   Not that my parents didn't care about me, or pay attention to me.  But I had a bad case of middle-child syndrome and felt my parents never took me seriously.  I was desperate for affection, and I wanted them to see how lost and alone I was.  I wrote lots of poetry that year about death, suicide, murder, abortion-- all things dark and bloody.  I stashed these artifacts in my pajama drawer, hoping I'd die and my broken heart would be discovered.  Hoping I'd make everyone pay for what they'd done to my heart.  Death seemed to me a just vengeance.

Nearing the end of the school year, one of my friends commented that I never ate.  Another piped in that they noticed that, too.  I just shrugged and said, "I'm just not usually hungry."  They glanced at each other, obviously not buying it.  They offered me their lunches.  I insisted I didn't want it.  They insisted on taking me to the office.  On the way to the office, one of the school counselors saw me and commented, "My, Lori, you have lost a lot of weight!"  I loved the way that sounded.

In the office, my friends told the receptionist that I wasn't eating, and that I hadn't been eating for a long time.  I don't remember anything about being in the office, and this might be because my friends told me afterward that I had fainted.  Since I can't remember fainting, I can't remember if this is true.  But this is what I was told,  so perhaps I did.  I was sent to the counselor's office after being checked over by the school nurse.   I remember having to show her my body-- my skinny, ribby body that I thought looked so cool and so attractive.  I loved that I didn't even have to suck in to see my ribs poking out.  I didn't so much like being told that wasn't right.

The counselor took me into her office alone and talked to me.  She asked me how long this had been going on, and if I felt fat and other such questions.  It was in that room that I faced the reality of what I had been doing to myself.  It felt a lot stupider then.  I realized that I had succeeded in hurting myself and it was more serious than I had realized.  In that office, I was forced to admit to myself that I had been doing it on purpose, and I was embarrassed.  The counselor called my mom and had me picked up from school.

In the car, I desperately wanted to talk to my mom about it.  I wanted to blurt out all the feelings I had, I wanted to explain why I'd done this, I wanted to cry and have her hug me and tell me it was going to be alright.  But my mom didn't talk about it.  She told me it was nothing to be upset about, and that I was fine.  She didn't take it seriously.  She didn't take me seriously.  We never talked about it again.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pre-marital Counseling

Tomorrow is our 6th and final session of counseling with my pastor.

Tomorrow, therefore, is "the sex talk".

GAH!!! (Runs away)


Monday, July 26, 2004


Ok, a little dorky, but...

I've set up a poetry blog.  I am unsure as of right now if I should add comments to it.  As much as I'd like people's feedback, I'm not so sure if that is what I want my poetry blog to be.  I think I'd be antsy to know people's opinions, but on the other hand, really, how many people are even gonna read it all that often?  So we'll see.  Anyway, I've posted two poems to start off with.  I hope you enjoy.  I'll try to post poems regularly.

I have to admit, I typically roll my eyes at such things as "poetry blogs" because generally I hate poetry.  *Grins.  That's what makes me such a great poet, I suppose.  But you judge for yourselves.  And if I decide to enable comments, then you shall be free to share your judgments with me.

And this concludes my advertisement.  I probably will bring up my poetry blog only seldomly, as I do not expect many people to be terribly interested.  It is more  for me to get back into the swing of writing than for boring my meager blogging audience. 

Thank you for your time.

*EDIT:  Comments enabled.

Hello people,

I haven't posted in a while, I know. And Lori is getting upset, so I'll make a quick note before she gets home and I call her, so she'll be happy with me ;).

Well, my new job is easy, which is good and bad, since it means it also gets boring. But I'm being entrusted to check other people's work already, so I must be doing something right.

TMI (Teen Missions International) are here right now. That's the organisation that Lori was with when I first met her. They are fun kids, but a lot more divisive than any I've ever seen before. Usually there are around three big groups, but this year there are lots of little groups. The leaders aren't doing much to remedy the situation (like busting their ass for pairing off), so it's unlikely to get better.

This year the annoying young one is a girl.

This year everyone is breaking the rules. Kissing left, right and centre, pairing off, drinking, blablabla. Not a good year. ;).
Gotta. kill. forty. minutes...

I went into my math test this afternoon nearly in tears, praying that God would spare me and give me a D- anything but an F. I've not made an F the entire time I've been in college... I can't even comprehend what that would do to my grade if I made an F. Does that mean you automatically fail the class? I don't know, I've never made an F before.

I took the test, double checked every single answer and turned it in, feeling resigned.

And somehow I got an A. My first math A! Jesus is so good.

In other news:
I want to make a website like this. This is mega-super-adorable cute.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Tartan Troubles and Bridesmaid Dress Blues

Scott, you need to post...

I have a headache.  I've had it for almost a week now.

My bridesmaids' dresses came in yesterday.  They are a slightly wrong color of red.  But I guess it doesn't matter.  The colors for my wedding are all shited anyway- the boys couldn't get the McFarlane black-and-white in time (no comment on the fact that they could've been fitted sooner) so now my wedding will be the wrong shade of red and hunter green/blue/red/purple as they opted for the McFarlane hunting.  Which is fine.  The hunting tartan is certainly better than the others for a nice occasion.  But my wedding is gonna look like Christmas now...

(I sure like to call our wedding MY wedding a lot.  I suppose it's because I'm planning it all alone.  If I ask Scott for imput, his imput is almost always "Uh auh." )

I made a delicious low fat chocolate cake last night.  It is delightful.  Weightwatchers.  It is so dense and full of flavor and a tiny slice (2 points!) is more than enough to hit the spot.  Oooh, I ought to top it with drizzling strawberries....

I'm getting married in 56 days.  My heart can barely stand this loneliness.  56 days may not sound like much, but it is really too long.  On the bright side though, I'll see him in 49.  That sounds so much better.

I miss my mommy and daddy.  I think I'll go see them next weekend.

I'm selling a bike, a computer, and a car.  Any takers?  (Taylor, you can still totally have first dibs on the computer if you still want it *wink.  That is if you can still get a good one out of your parents for graduation.)


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Lori-dar for today calls for sunny skies...

Man, things quieted down fast around here.
I've been getting lots of response cards back in the mail.  It's a fun thing.  Everyday learning that someone new is coming to the wedding.  It's exciting.  This weekend I'm taking bridal portraits.  I have some tiny wedding errands to run this week.  I love our wedding!
This morning I did some more Mormon research.  Christians believe that there is only one God, and He is made up of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but is still only one.  (This is the trinity.)  Mormons believe that God is actually three Gods, distinctly three but "lone in purpose."  Here are a list of Mormon verses (mostly out of the Book of Mormon but a few from the Doctrines & Covenants) that state the opposite, that God is indeed one God, not three.  Alma 11:25-31, Alma 11:35, Alma 11:44, Mormon 7:7, Ether 2:8, 2 Nephi 31:21, 3 Nephi 11:27, 3 Nephi 11:36, and D&C 20:27-29As 1 John 5:7 states, "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one."  It seems to me that the Book of Mormon agrees.  So why are Mormons preaching something contrary not only to the Bible, but even to their own sources?
Let's see, anything else exciting?  Not really.  I imagine you did not find any of the above exciting either.  It's probably just me.  I'm quite the lame-o.
My hair, by the way,  looks quite nice today.
My mother is buying me lingerie.
I've eaten 8 points today.  'Bout to make it 11.
I want you all to know Jesus. 
I want to know him better myself. 

Sunday, July 18, 2004

It's been a good weekend.

I made our figurines for the wedding cake.

And Scott sent me an Ice Bat for sort of our anniversary. (It was really just for no reason.  But then we realized that our one year is in a week so it sort of works.)

Ok, and by the way, the new "user friendly" blogger format is pissing me off.  Ok. 
I love Scott.  He's about to be my husband.  Shoop!


Friday, July 16, 2004

I think I've finally become a real poet.  I wrote a poem on the back of an envelope up against the steering wheel driving home on the freeway yesterday.  That makes me authentic.
Plans for the weekend:
1. Make Scott and Lori figurines out of clay for our wedding cake topper.
2. Make Scott the wee present I have in mind.
3. Finish the "Questions" part of my math module and begin the "Problems".
4. Hang out with the Rudds who are in town (and the Boyers.)
5. Kill something, skin it, and eat it.
6. Talk to Mormons.
Last night I went out with Taylor, and we had a good time.  We had feminine drinks at Arsaga's and then went to an art show at the Dickson Theater.  It was appalling.  Ok, I guess I should really watch what I say since I don't know who all reads this.... but I will go ahead and claim my freedom of speech and say the art scene in Fayetteville has crapped all over itself.  Now, first, before I offend the wrong people, there was some good stuff up, namely Paul's photography, Laura's photography, Amjad's paintings.... and there were some good random things up that were, eh, unskilled but very good if you know what I mean.  But a majority of the art made my skin crawl.  I've never seen so many blantant "statements" in one place in all my life.  Tons and tons of pretentious crap.  No longer are people in this town trying to come up with art that is creative or expressive or just plain good and interesting.  It's all show-off art.  It's all "who can be the most prentious?" art.  It's all "Damn the f***ing man, corporations suck, Bush is the anti-Christ" blah blah blah crap.   (Ok so I saw no "Bush is the anti-Christ" art that I know of.  But I know these people....)   Anyway, yuck.  I, as an audience, have the right to state my opinions on the art that I view, and basically all last night was was an excuse for all the pretentious people around here to try to out-pretentious each other.  Oh and to give an excuse for the "Beattles" girls to do their dancing and screaming bit they do at every show. (There were bands playing.  Not very good ones at that.  But I'll keep my mouth shut about the Fayetteville music scene for now.)  So, that's my critique of last night's "$5 suggested donation" art show. (Freaking make it a cover instead of heaping guilt on everyone who comes through the door.)
I'm at work, and work is hard.  Thank you for allowing me to vent for awhile and forget what I'm supposed to be doing for a moment.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


(That's the noise my brain is making.)

I'm thankful for sleep because my brain gets to take a wee break. I mean, it still conjures up stories of me joining the Jesus Club AND the Satan Club at Ouachita Baptist University, but at least I'm not processing numbers and data. Like I am the whole time I'm awake.

I'll try not to complain. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, I'm almost done with school. I will officially be an official graduate in 3 and a half weeks. And at work I'm getting paid fairly well for my mental strenuousness. So all I'll say is "Owwww."

(And I'd like to add to that "Ow" that I'm just really tired and work is really hard right now and math is really hard and I'm sick of leaving a stressful, stressful day at work just to come home to six hours of math homework, and then get up at 5:30 in the morning to continue the math homework I didn't have done by midnight the night before, just to shower and come to work again where everything is stressful and try to write programs that will make things happen that no one else has tried to make happen before so it's probably not possible, and take over my boss's job while she's away and be bombarded with my own job on top of that, just to leave on my lunch break to go to math class where I rack my brain for sums and products and quotients for 2 hours before coming back to work to be stressed out, just to go home and start my six hours of math homework....)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

66 Days Away...

My life is like an acordian. One fold leads to another fold leads to another fold...

What are these folds made of? Requirements. What is the inner fold that leads to the next fold? Transportation.

Friday, July 09, 2004

from the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Limited Atonement (Particular Redemption)
Limited Atonement is a doctrine offered in answer to the question, "for whose sins did Christ atone?" The Bible teaches that Christ died for those whom God gave him to save (John 17:9). Christ died, indeed, for many people, but not all (Matthew 26:28). Specifically, Christ died for the invisible Church -- the sum total of all those who would ever rightly bear the name "Christian" (Ephesians 5:25).

This doctrine often finds many objections, mostly from those who think that Limited Atonement does damage to evangelism. We have already seen that Christ will not lose any that the father has given to him (John 6:37). Christ's death was not a death of potential atonement for all people. Believing that Jesus' death was a potential, symbolic atonement for anyone who might possibly, in the future, accept him trivializes Christ's act of atonement. Christ died to atone for specific sins of specific sinners. Christ died to make holy the church. He did not atone for all men, because obviously all men are not saved. Evangelism is actually lifted up in this doctrine, for the evangelist may tell his congregation that Christ died for sinners, and that he will not lose any of those for whom he died!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Some call it impulsive...

In the check-out line at Harp's I spotted .

I thought, "Cute hair! If it's under $4, I'm gonna buy that." It was so I took it home with me.

Approximately 3 and a half hours later, and .

Ah, yes, the joy of change.

Oh and the joy of emo shots, too, of course.

A Laugh

Finding Nemo



Saturday, July 03, 2004

Something Of Note

Well, I finally have something interesting to post about.

For anyone who was reading my blog before I moved in with Lori, bloggily speaking, you'll remember that one of the jobs I interviewed for kept delaying for some reason. Then I found out that their call centre burned to the ground.

I've been having the most horrendous time trying to get them to tell me if I've got the job, or if I should give up on it. They couldn't tell me anything. Greenock told me to call Manchester (rebuilt after fire), Manchester said to call Greenock, Greenock said to phone someone else in Greenock, someone else in Greenock said "why the crap are you phoning me?". Blablabla.

Anyway, I got a call yesterday or the day before, can't remember, I start on Monday. In a respectable bank job, dealing with people's mortgages. Hurray.

I have to work next weekend in KFC, but that only leaves me with three shifts of selling chicken to idiots.

You have no idea how good that feels. Unless you've worked in a fast food place, which will probably be a fair number of the readers. So maybe you do. Myeh, what do I care, I'm exulting in the grownupness of a real, Monday to Friday job.

I might not even have to work the nasty hours I thought I did (2-10). But we'll see about that.

Friday, July 02, 2004

I usually try to abstain from these things, but after having read Luke's in its entirety and due to work being so slow and boring during the summer months, I'm going to fill this whole thing out. Feel free to skip it or just read interesting parts (unless you are Luke and then I think you are obligated to read it all.) I will automatically delete the ones I think are dumb.

(to steal from Scott's cuteness:)Go-go gadget survey!
The shoes you wore today: brown mary janes
Your height: 5'6ish?
Your fears: spiders, kidnappers, elevators as they appear in my dreams, losing Scott too young

[[WHAT iS]]

Your most overused phrase on aim: Haha
Your thoughts when you first wake up: "I deserve this" as I reach for the snooze
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: what they are wearing
Your best physical feature: I've been told I have a beautiful neck. I also have pretty eyes :)
Your bedtime: Before I picked up 2 summer classes, 10:00

Pepsi or coke: I'm diggin the C2- Coke with splenda
tennis shoes or flip flops: mmm both
sports or mall: mmm both
black or white: black

[[DO YOU]]
Smoke: ew no.
Cuss: I suppose I do
Have a crush(es): Yep.
Who are they: Well, come to think of it, I don't right now.
Think you've been in love?: Aye, and I am right now
Want to go to college: Not again. (Well maybe again)
Want to get married: If not, I better realize that soon
lie: Unfortunately, no. I'm a little too honest for my own good. (But Jesus likes it.)
given someone a bath: weird question...
cry during a flick: always. (Meet the Parents, a tear jerker? Was for me.)

bungee jump: Never ever.
skinny dip: ooh la la!
cry to get out of trouble: I've cried my way out of many a speeding ticket.
cut your own hair: No
stalk anyone: hmm.... I might.
skip school: would I ever.
hook up w/ a friend: not ever again.
eat **** for a million dollars: Sorry, no. I just couldn't.

Go to the mall: Yes
Eaten sushi: yucky, no.
Made homemade cookies: no, I've been on a stupid diet
Dyed your hair: Bleached
Stolen anything: No

Flown on a plane: aye
Missed school because it was raining?: aye
Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: aye, but I abandoned that practice when I discovered I preferred lady-likenss and old fashioned values. Boys should be the wooers, in my opinion.
Ever thought an animated character was hot?: I dunno
Had an imaginary friend: Yes
Cut your hair: Yes
Had crush on a teacher?: Oy vey! Dr. Candido comes lovingly to mind. (I talked to him about his London trip a few days ago in the Union. I love him.)
Been called a tease: yeah :(
Shoplifted: no


have a BF/GF? aye
ever rejected someone? yes and I'll reject you, too.
how many people of the opposite sex are on your buddy list on AIM? weird question- probably half?
ever been kissed? I kissed kissing goodbye. hhahhhahahaa
Best eye color: mmm see through brown
Best hair color: brown
Short or long hair: either. short probably
Best height: taller than me
Best first date location: dunno.
turn ons: humility, friendliness, humor, nice butts
turn offs: arrogance

Number of people I could trust with my life: 4- Scott, Amanda, and my mom and dad.
Number of computers you have:just one
Number of piercings: lemme count... 7?
Number of tattoos: 1 going on 2
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: any time the elementary honor roll was published.
Number of scars on my body: oh geez, tons. I was a scrappy wee lass. (My favorites are my surgery scar and my falling-off-the-monkeybars elbow scar.)
Number of things in my past that I regret: they are innumerable


Fav Color(s): too many. pink maybe. yellow too. blue and red. olive.
Season: Spring
Fave Cartoon Character: Animaniacs, whatever their names were
Fave Food: Thai cuisine
Fave Movie: Love Actually and Trainspotting for now
Fave sport to watch: bleh, soccer?
word: alpenglow
ice cream flavor: rocky road
holiday: Thanksgiving
furniture: I loved my papazan chair
school subject: Grammar, Lit, and creative writing. and by the way, i love biology.
animal: penguin?
sport to play: soccer
band: belle and sebastian maybe. oh what am I talking about- Tripping Daisy!
flower: daffodils
language: French, Arabic
weekend activity: making love out
roller coaster: never been on one :(

Wearing: a denim skirt I haven't been able to fit into for ages!
Drinking/eating: nothing
Thinking about: this survey. and the work I should be doing
track spinning: none. but in my head i'm hearing kelly clarkson. "The trouble with love is...."

Cried: not in 24 hours. but yes in like 34
Worn jeans: I tried some on this morning, but ditched them.
Met someone new online: no
Done laundry: no
Driven a car: yes
Talked on the phone: yes
Showered: no

Do you ever wish you had another name?: no
Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: none of them. Is that normal? or sad?
Who have you known the longest of your friends?: Amanda
Are you close to any family member?: I'm very close to my mom and in recent years my da and I have become very close. Then I'm just above average close to everyone else (brothers, aunts, uncles, etc)
Who do you trust the most?: definitely Scott.
When have you cried the most: ouch. not telling.
What's the best feeling in the world?: I concur with Luke on this one: Being loved and accepted
What time is it now?: 9:37am
Do you have a best friend?: yes, two.
Do you get emotional often?: holy cow yes
Do you love your friends?: um... to be honest, I love a few of my friends, but I don't really have many to love. I have people I hang out with, but I don't really know that they are "friends." Love is an overused word.

ever fallen for a friend?: um, yes.
you are___: still sad about the not having many friends thing...
could you live without the computer?: I doubt it.
how many people are on your buddylist?: 42.
like watching sunrises or sunsets: Yeah
what hurts the most?: people thinking I'm mean
trust others way too easily?: yeah, sadly.
is cheerleading a sport?: bring it on
last time slept with stuffed animal: Last night.
# houses lived in: 5 going on 6 and 7 (no dorms included)
schools gone to: 3
would you shave ur head for $5000: I just really don't think so. Unless I was wanting short hair in the first place, then why not.
age for marriage: 22 apparently. (20 if you're a boy, apparently.)
last film seen in theatre: wow, I don't know. LOTR 3?
what do you eat for breakfast?: cereal usually. Oatmeal too.

i love to____with _____?: sex;sex
what was the last thing you ate?: m&ms (so I cheat on my diet sometimes)
the last person u talked on the phone with? Scotty McHottHott
favorite drink?: milk
do u wear contacts?: aye
hugs or kisses?: Hugs I think.
what book are you reading?: *insert little white lie* Desiring God by John Piper. (I've been *reading* it for a year.) I'm also *reading* Isaiah.
the loudest person you know: Lying Heather
your backyard: donnae have one

Thursday, July 01, 2004

pin money, noun:
1. An allowance of money given by a husband to his wife for
private and personal expenditures.
2. Money for incidental expenses.
3. A trivial sum.