Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I keep saying I'm going to write something good, and I really want to. The problem is finding the time.

Ok, yes, in the evenings, after Fifi is asleep and if I've managed to get Lolly asleep too, there is time. But that is my ONLY time, and in that time, I have SO MANY things I should do or want to do. My house is a mess, and I can't get on top of it. I'm tired and worn out and all I want to do at night after the kids are down is put my feet up and relax. So really, that's what I have been doing. When I can.

Last night I had to give a 'Goodnight Talk' at the church camp. I've never done this before, and though I talk publicly all the time, I was really nervous about this. Why? Because talking to a group of pre-teen girls is WAY harder than talking to health professionals, churchgoers or peers. I prepared a PowerPoint presentation using the week's theme of 'Heroes'. It wasn't a fancy presentation, but I spent a good bit of time on it, and it was my outline. So, naturally, of course, everything went wrong. First, I saved it as a .pptx instead of the old .ppt so the laptop at camp couldn't read the file. We discovered this moments before the meeting began. So a few other people brought in their laptops, and it worked on one of them. So when I got up to speak, a few camp leaders tried to set up the new laptop with the projector and, of course, couldn't get it to project. If I hadn't already been standing in front of thirty young girls, I probably could've gotten it to work, as I know how to do it, but I realised in the moment how I could easily lose this attention if I didn't take immediate action. So I just started. Without my presentation. Somehow I remembered everything and was able to describe all the pictures I'd wanted to show of my favourite superheros growing up (Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Transformers, Ninja Turtles). I did the whole talk without the presentation. It was actually okay. I think it turned out well regardless.

So when I got home, I curled up on the couch (in a messy living room) with a bowl of ice cream (the kitchen was a mess too) and watched the first two episodes of One Tree Hill Season Two. :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I really do have ideas. Things I've been wanting to write about, hash out.

Soon, I'll have a couple of full-sized posts for you.

For now, check out my new blog:

I'm nervous about making it public because that means I really do need to keep it up-to-date. So this is the first step. The second step is publicizing it to my clients/mums (they don't feel like 'clients'; they truly feel like friends!).

By the way, Fifi's obsession with Dora continues. And apparently so does mine. I had a dream the other night that a giant Diego was chasing me and trying to kill me.

Psychology majors: Go.