Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Busy

Usually these days when Fifi goes down for a nap, I spend her naptime working. I've got about a hundred (only very very slightly exaggerating there) reports to work on for my friend's company, advertising for two companies and house-work always waiting. But today, Fi went down a bit late, and we have to leave in about 30 minutes for my breastfeeding course, so there's no point in delving into any of the above work. So I'll sneak in a wee blog post.

Good things are happening with TinyTalk. Well, okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration as it's only one thing, but it's big. We'll be working a stand at the Scotland Baby Show 2008. The Baby Show is in Glasgow, which is excellent because loads of people from my area go into Glasgow for things like baby shows. The only downside is... the Baby Show is the weekend my mom arrives. I'm going to work one day of it, so I'm sorry, Mom, but it's too good an advertising opportunity to pass up. I might buy my mom and mother-in-law tickets to the show so they can come (with Fifi) so I can see them for a little bit.

There are a few dates coming up which require me being away from Fif for the whole day. I know most people would think 'big deal' because most people have already spent many a day away from their babies at this age. But not me. However, there are three days in March/April which will require it. I know Fifi (and I) will be fine, at least physically, but I'm sure it'll be a hard few days on us both regardless. Fifi still loves to nurse during the day, and I still love to nurse her. However, she can't come to Edinburgh with me for a TinyTalk regional meeting, or the TT Training Day, or the Baby Show so... it looks like the time has come to deal. I'm actually really nervous about it.

I don't think I'll feel much better about it in a few minutes when I take her to the creche just for her to refuse to go in.

(However, the weather is gorgeous today so maybe the kids will go outside during the creche time, and Fifi would then forget about me completely. She loves the outdoors.)

(In fact, the weather has been lovely for days.)

Well, I need to go now and get stuff together for the afternoon.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Firefox Users and Other Stuff

Scott has switched us over to Firefox (I know, about time right? But we're lazy that way.) I am annoyed to find that our blog doesn't look right with Firefox. However, I don't have any time in the foreseeable future for redesigning the blog, so I suppose we'll all just get on with it (as I suppose other Firefox users already have with us).

Scott just brought me my cup of tea, which means (in McFarlane language) 'Git aff mah computer, wummin' so eh, bye.

Happy St Paddy's Day (tomorry).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Car Saga (Cont.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...

My car broke down again. This time, the exhaust fell out at 10.30 at night while it was just me and Fifi in the car in a somewhat dodgy area.

If it's never happened to you (or if you are car-stupid like me), let me just tell you how scary it is... the exhaust is bigger than just a puny pipe... I thought the transmission had fallen out or something (not like I know what that is, either).

It's also due for its MOT, so we took it to the garage to see what the damage (in £ terms) was. For two driveshaft gators, a new back box, two more other things that I didn't recognise the name of and the MOT, he was going to charge us, well, more than the car could be sold for. We thought it was time to say bye-bye to Skoda.

However, we then took it elsewhere for a second opinion, and the guy quoted us half what the other guy did, so we're getting it done tomorrow. For the time being, we've got a really noisy car that makes me sound like a boy-racer any time I drive it.

As much as we can't afford a new car, I was kinda crushing on a new one of these...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Baby Signing

Well, I'm not sure that I have ever mentioned this on this blog, as I was waiting for everything to be finalised, but once it was finalised, I just assumed you all knew.

Anyway, I don't think you do so I'll tell you the news now.

Starting next month, I'll begin teaching baby signing classes through my new TinyTalk franchise!

This might explain why I feel so stressed and overwhelmed these days... with Lori Borealis, my breastfeeding groups and courses, TinyTalk and of course my baby... I just feel I have quite a lot going. But I am extremely excited about starting my classes. I've been advertising around town. It's a bit harder than I thought (though not as hard as advertising for Lori Borealis, I've discovered).

On that note, I'm going to get back to printing more leaflets.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fun in the Snow

I didn't expect there to be any remaining snow this morning when we woke up, which was sad because Fifi didn't get a chance to really play in it yesterday, as she spent most of the time playing with Timmy the Sheep (who, by the way, I am very devastated to say, died last night). However, we woke up, and the snow still covered the ground! Our front garden (which we treat as a back) was almost completely untrodden (except for some four-legged creature like a cat or a fox), so I really enjoyed taking Fifi out in it this morning.

Fun in the Snow from superlori on Vimeo. THIS JUST IN: As I typed this post, the postie came by and handed me a package from my sister-in-law and brother, Kristen and Danny. It was this unbelievably amazing, perfect, gorgeous plaque that Kristen woodburned for us. Kristen, I LOVE IT!!!! Gotta find the perfect place to hang it!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Timmy the Sheep

In spite of the fact we got about five inches of snow today, my new friend Claire and I took Fifi down to the farm to see the orphaned lamb that they are nursing. His mum was killed last week during all the rain storms.

Fifi was fascinated.

She even picked up the bottle herself to feed him.

She was very gentle with him.

Well, most of the time.

Fiona and Timmy the Sheep from superlori on Vimeo.

(Video taken from my phone, hence the bad quality.)