Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Blast From the Past" (Last) Weekend Photoblog

Finally, pictures are resized and ready to go.

Last weekend started out with the Murder Mystery dinner party.

Captain Pigwash [Jonathan]- A salty seadog, sort of pirate-like.

Abraham Washington [Niall]- A radical lawyer who gets pleasure in "championing the underdog".

Aretha Washington [Debbie]- A fervent feminist, married to Abraham Washington. Will stand by her man through thick in thin, though, which doesn't make much sense.

Lord Bristol Twin-Bore [Graeme]- An aristocrat, appointed Governor of New Bristol, reputation for a debauched lifestyle.

Lady Josephine Twin-Bore [Emily]- The twin sister of Lord Bristol Twin-Bore, reputation for dissolute living.

Rev Anthony Blairwitch [Bryce]- An intense - perhaps even fanatical - preacher, "capable of finding a witch in the happiest of homes." Has his own catechism, apparently.

Diana Rose [Sarah]- Glamorous singer, aiming to conquer the New World one preacher at a time.

Beryl Sheep [Ashley]- Famous actress. Together with Diana Rose, she has come to entertain the colonies. A leak expert according to the captain, which must be why he invited her into his cabin that night...

Bit Parts
Butler [Scott]
Housewife [Lori}

Lady Josephine turned out to be the heartless killer, as it turns out. She was also more than Lord Bristol's sister, if ya know what I mean. Not to mention all the other infidelity that was uncovered throughout the night. Seems the only decent people there were the butler and the housewife...

Saturday, Scott and I continued an exploration of history by recovering the tracks of our beginning. We had our breakfast at Caravella's, where we went on our first date. The table in the background was the very table we played footsie under.

Sunday, the weather was so nice, which is such a rare occurrence in Scotland that we made the best of it and went for a picnic at Cornalees, which is where we first held hands. Each of the following pictures is of us repeating what we did that very first walk...

Leaning over the bridge looking down, and Scott wondering if he should kiss me.

Pooh sticks.

The same picture I took of Scott right before he non-chalantly took my hand. But the first time he wasn't drinking a 'bru.

[The following pictures do not reflect that glorious day in the past, but are merely cute.]

Charlie kicks, or whatever they're called.

A gross picture of us.

Right, so that was last weekend. Lots of reminiscing/pretending to be 18th Century. It was good fun.

This weekend is nice, too, so we're off to the Edinburgh Zoo on Monday (a bank holiday!) and perhaps we'll have pictures from that, too.


Friday, April 29, 2005

Back to the Poem Board

Scott scolded me for not having written any poetry since turning in my senior honors thesis in April. Goodness me, it's been a year. This morning the internet was down at work (and since I don't have any actual work to do) I wrote a sestina. It was just for fun, so don't judge my talent by it, but I thought I'd post it for you to read, if you are interested. It doesn't have a title yet--it's just my getting back to the drawing board sort of thing. I forgot how much I really love to write poetry.

*Enter the world of sestina:

Ever since the unfortunate poodle debacle, we’ve all had our fair share strawberry
daisy shortcakes. Day by day we do nothing but devour little bitter daisy
shortcakes smothered in squished strawberries. As the one who’s ancient
curiosity mirrored the ancient Alabama goddess, I got us into this poodle-
predicament, like she before me (whom I never notice having to eat the white
many-petaled flowers, or strawberries, or shortcakes, herself for that matter,

but that’s another matter
altogether). It was the middle of Alabama’s famous strawberry
tombola, and the daytime clouds were spongey and white
with no chance of showers of any nature. The dime-a-dozen daisy
was the only unnatural phenomenon, naturally, with absolutely no sign of poodles
to be sniffed in the summer air. The famous shortcakes were being baked by ancient

housewives using their ancient granmothers’ ancient
recipes, and cooling the cakes in windowsills posed the only matter
troublesome to happy townswomen in that juicy-strawberry poodle-
forsaken southern state. For a dollar tourists harvested the old strawberry
patchwork land, and for fifty cents more they gathered the phenomenal daisies
in their little handmade baskets, made of fantastic white

wicker, which were politcally endorsed by the White
House in favor of Alabama’s annual celebration of ancient
strawberry-worship (as well the majority vote). It was the First Lady who desired a daisy
from Alabama, and it was she for whom I dutifully undertook the matter
and travelled many miles to participate in the ever famous strawberry
picking festivities. And it was I, curiously unfortunate,who unleashed the cursed poodles.

The sun was at mid sky when I arrived, and poodles
were the furthest quadraped from my mind. For my dollar-fifty I entered the white
and red picking garden to fill my wicker basket with daisies and gigantic strawberries,
wherefore I stumbled upon a brass box half buried in the patch like an ancient
treasure chest. I stooped to inspect the misplaced matter
and scratched the soil from the lid only to uncover a diamond daisy-

shaped key and a keyhole the shape of a five-petal daisy
jammed inside. If only curiosity had killed the poodle
instead—but it did not, and I desperately desired full discovery of the matter,
causing me to turn the key. The lid flipped open, and the sky went lightening white,
terrifying shrieks of thunder screeched, and shortcakes tumbled off ancient
windowsills as they had in ancient times. In mighty chaos we squished the strawberries

as we fled the strawberry fields, tearing at every daisy to ward away the terrible
ancient poodles which chased us all, tourist and townsman alike, straight into the Temple
where we have been eating white shortcakes of strawberry daisy matter ever since.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why Do We Read?

Ok, it's a misleading title, I'm not going to talk about books.

I followed this link from my internet friend and my husband's only wedding guest Benj's blog. I suggest you read it if you want to understand where I'm coming from now:


Reading this post helped me put words to mere suggestions and feelings I've had for a while. That's what I love about reading--finding that word that describes something you've never been able to put to words or seeing that situation played out that you couldn't see the end to.

For several months now I've just felt spiritually lazy and stuck. I feel like I can go nowhere, and I feel like the ways I know I can go somewhere are too difficult to endeavour. In church, I find that I'm either not singing along with the worship songs or I'm singing but not thinking or feeling. I feel terrible about it, but when I look at the songs, I think, "This means nothing to me." Sometimes the words will be theologically okay, but I still feel they mean nothing.

I've also had a similar suggestion in my mind that all the worship songs did was say what I was going to do, but I couldn't engage because I knew when I went home, I wasn't going to do this. I want to do it now while I'm thinking about it and moved to do it, but the situation does not allow it.

I am in no way passing the blame on the songs and aquitting myself. I am a sinner and a lazy Christian. I struggle with prayer times and Scripture reading times and overall time with God. I find it hard to do on a regular basis. I have a huge lack in motivation, though I have a real desire. I'm lazy.

But in those moments where I truly have the motivation to get serious and to truly engage in worshipping my Saviour whom I truly love, I am unable.

So please don't take what I'm saying as a cop-out. I'm not placing the blame on the music. Or at least not most of the blame.

However, so many songs really are "songs of procrastination". I need to tell God the truth when I'm worshipping Him. I need to tell him that at this very moment I see Him as beautiful, but I can't tell Him that I always see Him so or even that I always will from this point on. I don't want to say He makes me feel like dancing when I have zero desire to start doing a jig (or worse to say I'm dancing now when I am doing no such thing but that's another post entirely.) At this moment I give Him all my worship, but I do not give Him all my worship every moment of my life, much to my frustration, even though there are moments, many moments really, that I do want to glorify His Name and praise Him forever. I want to say what I mean now, but all the songs just say what I may or may not mean later.

Also, as the post I linked to points out, these songs don't get me anywhere. So I realise that I don't seek Your face, but I want to so I'll say I want to--true enough. But after singing the chorus fifty gazillion times, I still haven't done a single thing to seek His face. Unless I wisely stop singing and start praying, I haven't done anything! And furthermore, I haven't worshipped God. After twenty minutes of "worship" has anything changed? I wonder if God is even glorified after I've repeated a meaningless phrase millions of times to Him. He knows my heart and my desire to change, which indeed must glorify Him, but if the words I say mean nothing to me, how can they in turn mean anything to God?

Back to procrastination. People like to procrastinate, so it's no wonder these songs are so popular. People like to think, "Yes, I want to seek your face, I will, I promise.... when I get home, after I've had my lunch." But we cannot procrastinate when it comes to loving Jesus and following Him. Why not take up the issue in the moment with our hearts and admit that yes, now, I am a bloody failure. I'm a sinner. I'm not a good Christian. I don't follow you like I should. I sometimes don't even want to bother. So since I realise this, I must now do something about this. I can't wait until I'm a better, more mature Christian to deal with it--I must deal with it now while the issue is at hand. Otherwise I'll never reach that "better, more mature Christian" status. Because after I've had my lunch, I may well have forgotten what a sinner I am and may think I'm not so bad really afterall. Just like everyone else, right?

Gah. I'm so sick of not growing. Therefore, on that note, I, right now, give glory to God for His grace He's poured over me. I'm not going to start praising God for it, I'm doing it now. I, currently, give God all the glory.

(Scott and Graeme, let's learn some new songs for next Sunday.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My husband is the cleverest person in the world. He fixed our website. He's my hero.

I still haven't resized my pictures from the weekend.... I've been feeling ill and haven't been up to much this week. I basically just go home, take a hot bath, and then lie on the couch in my pj's until it's reasonable to go to bed. Tonight I don't get that luxury as we're off to Scott's gran again for dinner (mince, neeps and totties with apple tart for dessert). Hopefully I'll have time after to post pics (since perhaps my friends back home would like to see my long hair.)

Once again, don't forget to send in your stories for the Unbelievable Cheek Awards. I meant to have a permanent link at the top of the page reminding everyone, but with our template overhaul, I haven't had the time (or the ability to be quite frank). And I can't even post the permalink now that we've got these frames.... Hmm, that's dead annoying. Friday 8 April post will tell all about the Award if you are yet unfamiliar. I will post the submissions sometime in May, perhaps towards the end in hopes that we'll get more submissions. The more submissions, the more cheeky stories you get to read and vote on!!

I'm tired and need a week off to figure my life out. Heh, make that 50 years off. I'm exhausted.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Preliminary Post

I'm very anxious to write about our "Blast from the Past" weekend, but I have many photos to include, and they all include some resizing so I'll have to do that tonight when I get home.

For now, I'd like to direct you to this post by a lady I do not know but through link-hopping. Some very good thoughts on a subject very close to my heart. She says (among many other things):

"...our bodies are not our own. They are God's - and Jesus paid a high, horrible price for our bodies. He was beaten, broken, ripped apart, and bloodied in order that He could be our 'owner' (and God is an awfully benevolent one, if you ask me...). And that means God owns every part of us - spirit, soul, and BODY - including our sexuality. Therefore, using our sexuality outside of His "authorized container" of a marriage between one man and one woman is sinful (and dangerous)."

I'd expound a bit myself if it weren't for the fact that I am here at work alone today in charge of answering all phone calls and dealing with all visitors, and I don't have a clue what to do! So I can't let my thoughts run away too far today or I'll get utterly confused.

By the way, its incredibly frustrating to not be able to go to the toilet when one needs to without calling someone from the General Office to come take phone cover for you. I am trapped!! And I can't even leave to go make my morning tea!!!

(More on that note, I was informed last week that people here are always taking days off sick. I really hope this doesn't happen all the time to me, people leaving me to do this scary receptionist business. I may seem like an extrovert, but I'm a type C worker who doesn't like to be bothered or interrupted. Not that I have any work to be interrupted from, of course... sigh.)

...just sipping my 'Bru and munching my crisps.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Under Construction.... again

Yup, we're back to having half a template.

It's frustrating, I know, but it shouldn't be for much longer. Cheerio!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I do not have one thing to say, nay, nor do I have anything not to say. It's Shmorgishblog® time.

A. I dreamed last night I had really long hair. It was a pretty colour blonde, too. I went to the salon with my best friend Amanda and told the lady to cut it very short and die it gray and red. Luckily I chickened out before she did it but after she'd mixed up the red dye, and she was seriously annoyed.

I also dreamed that spiders could fly. I said to Scott, "Told you so!" amidst my
erratic screaming.

B. I had jiggy chops last night at Scott's gran's house. It's not really called jiggy chops but its something like that. I just think it's funny. We watched British soaps, too, which have worse actors than American ones.

C. I'm gonna go to the drama department today to see if they have any costumes I could borrow for my Murder Mystery dinner tomorrow night. 1770 is the year Lucky Farquar died. I love the 70's!

D. I've learned that in the workplace I get along really well with Jamies and really badly with Joes.

E. I've learned I am an ENFJ personality type: thats a
• slightly expressed extrovert
• moderately expressed intuitive personality
• moderately expressed feeling personality
• very expressed judging personality

F. Prelyweds think everything about their fiance(e) is oh-so-cute. Hahahaha!

G. Not everything Scott does is oh-so-cute. But he really couldn't be any more perfect for me. I love him a gazillion-fold.

H. I'm getting bored of my Shmorgishblog®. I'll wrap this up quickly.

I. I want to believe people are still coming to our website even though its under construction and very unattractive at this current time, so I'm doing my best to be interactive here. For comments, what are your favourite words? I like "poodle", "Azerbaijan", "tomfoolery", "debacle", and "alpenglow".

I found costumes for both me and Scott for tomorrow night. And a vase.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Christianity and Christianity

I wonder just how far a diversion in religion must go before it is labeled a new religion. Today, Christianity is not Chrsitianity. You've got two different religions trying to live under the same roof. Two different religions trying to carry the same title. No wonder everyone's so confused! Are you a Christian or a Christian? One Christian says this and another says this. Yet you are both Christians? I don't get it.

It's not right that in order for someone to be certain they are worshipping with and being taught by true Christians they must undergo extensive theological studying and deep cautious criticism. This is not for everyone. Not everyone is meant to be a Paul. It is not right that a new Christian can never be certain if he is spending time with Christians or Christians. This modern version of Christianity needs a new name, and I'm not being sarcastic here.

Bryce discusses this in a recent post. Albert Mohler apparently dubs the new wave Christianity "Christian Moralistic Therapeutic Deism." Read Bryce's post for more on what this new title means.

It's not just this. It's not just the run-of-the-mill-"I'm-a-Christian-but-I-don't-think-it's-necessary-to-live-my-life-like-a-religious-zealot-or-fundamentalist"s that I'm talking about here. I'm including all sorts of people who have completely turned their backs on traditional orthodoxy in exchange for something "new" and "mysterious" and "exciting" and "fresh" and "lots of other hip words". Christians that are actually in the church, actually doing the things that Christ calls us to do, are pushing the edges of heresy. Can a true Christian, of the Peter and Paul sort, say things like, "He can hold onto his blessed Bible. I'll hold onto Christ"? How is it that the Bible is becoming separated from Christ and is being made as less than the only precise revelation from God we have or will ever have received?

This new Christianity is being propogated by both self-seeking men and innocent men alike. The innocent are simply trying to find a religion that is real-but they are looking in all the wrong places. The only place to look is Christ- and the only place Christ is originally found is in God's Word. "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." These new Christians are looking for a faith that cometh by experience, and experience by whatever means it may come. They may call it the Holy Spirit- but the Mormons claim that their beliefs come from the Holy Spirit as well. How can we truly know what the Holy Spirit is saying if we do not test all things by the Word of God, i.e. the Bible?

Tommy Tenney is one of these faith-by-experience chaps. In his book The God Chasers he tells us that he'll take experience over something like "the dusty pages of an ancient book" (paraphrase mine, though not far off--if you know the exact quote, please post it.) This is not the same religion that Paul preached! It is preaching Christ crucified, yes, that is the only similarity. Mormonism and many other religions will go as far as that, but if everything else in their belief system is far from Biblical, how can they be Christian?

The Message, a paraphrase of the Bible written by Eugene Patterson, propogates this new Christianity. He never blatantly shouts, "I believe something different than traditional Christianity!" but he sure proves it in his paraphrase. The gospel, which is proclaimed by our early church forefathers, including Paul, is offensive. So how is it that The Message can be such an easy read and so self-satisfying and so simplistic that I could take it on my summer holiday to Barbados and read it on the beach while sipping a cocktail? It's because this new form of Christianity is not offensive. Homosexuality is permissable, as long as it is monogamous and loving. The long list of damning sins all throughout the New Testament gets turned into a simple exhortion to be good. The Jesus who never compromised the truth and said incredibly harsh things to religious leaders is painted as helpless and weak, but sweet and pitiable. You almost want to pat his head.

How is this the same Christianity that formed the Church? With this new Christianity about, you are given the new benefit of the doubt. Maybe when you say you're a Christian, you're one of these rational ones who understand that religion isn't about rules and doctrine and sending people to hell. Maybe you realize that God loves everyone and will only send the Satan worshippers where they belong. Maybe you're a rational Christian and don't believe the Bible is the end all, be all of life. Let's hope so!

Therefore, if you are not one of these rational Christians, you're a bigot, an asshole, a facist, one not worthy of the heaven you think you will go to.

Are you confused? Do you wonder what kind of Christian we are?

We are the kind that believe Jesus came to die on the cross because we are all desperately wicked, every last one of us, and without his sacrifice we would all receive our just punishment in hell. We are the kind that believe Jesus does not save all mankind, but only the elect, and the elect only come to Jesus by a faith given us by the undeserved grace of Jesus Christ. This means we are not the rational kind who believe all good people go to heaven. This means that we are the "bad" kind, the traditional, Biblical kind. We believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and the inspiration of Scripture through the Holy Spirit. We believe all things must be tested against Scripture and if something clashes with Scripture, we will side with Scripture.

I suppose what upsets me the most is that the other side will never take on a new name other than Christian, so the confusion may never end. Innocent men will be lured into the trap of universalism, humanism, and who knows what else. Yet I am encouraged knowing the God's Truth will remain, no matter what comes against it, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. The Bible will be preserved, even though errant and not-inspired versions will come against it, and God will forever be glorified regardless of what we humans do. Man may attempt to turn Christianity inward and make it all about us, but the Truth will never change. True Biblical Christianity has never been about us and never will be. It has always been and will always be about Christ, and the only reason we are even pulled into the equation is because of the immense, undeserved love and grace of God.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


I remember one night Scott and I set up a skeeball game in the kitchen with increasing sized tuperware bowls and a ball of foil. It started out as a game of baseball until one of us knocked over a plant...

Scott picked me up from the train station the other day with a surprise for me. I had a suprise for him, too. I'd brought him home a slice of cake wrapped up in a napkin. He'd bought me a new set of really nice paintbrushes, after he'd seen me get frustrated with the cheap ones I'd been using.

Marriage is hard. It's wonderful and exciting and fun, but it's hard. It's not for the faint of heart. It takes neverending patience and self-control. It's the most selfless institution known to man.

Which is why I am stopping to write this post. So often when times are tough we are quick to forget just how wonderful marriage can be. So I'm calling all spouses (or spouses-to-be) to leave a comment remembering just two special things you and your spouse have done or your spouse has done for you. Let's celebrate, let's party, let's talk about the good times. ;)

On the other hand, let's not leave out our single friends. If you're not married, you've got your own special stories. Leave a comment specifying two special things about how nice it is to be single. Being single sometimes is hard, too, and takes patience and self-control, so let's celebrate your good times, too!

Friday, April 15, 2005

I was reading my old blogs to see what I sounded like prior to the wedding. I found this and liked it. I still think its true, and all the more true after marriage:

Scott and I are fantastic. I am simply desperate to see him again. He will be here in something like 15 days! I love him so much more than I ever knew was possible. What I've realized with Scott is that one may love someone else with everything one has, but if that love is not returned just as strongly, that love will be maximized to its fullest extent and will plateau. One may feel they are loving with all one has and to love more would be impossible. But when that love is spilled back over to one from the beloved, one's love suddenly gains the capacity to grow even deeper and even bigger. Thus one's love re-overflows back to the beloved and the cycle continues. I assume the cycle must continue forever. I assume this is part of God's plan with marriage, and partially explains why divorce is so disasterous.

Big things are happening here at Scott and We are looking into switching over to Wordpress from Blogger, though we may have to upgrade our server to allow PHP and MySQL. (Hehe, I love talking like this. I don't know what the crap I'm talking about.) Blogger has been good to us, and we hate to leave, but they just aren't suitable for our needs any longer. We've outgrown them, I'm sad to say, and I will miss them.

Scott is supposed to try to get the graphics and frames back up on the site today. Whether he'll actually get around to it, I can't say. It's his day off, and he has a new video game. I have my doubts.

Tomorrow we plan to spend a buttload of moolahs. I'm getting my bridesmaid dress tomorrow, and if I can talk the old man into it, I'm also gonna order a hairpiece. I wanna look like Camilla on her wedding day, only less Royal Family and old. Yes, I get my fashion clues from the RF.

(Actually, I wanted this hairpiece long before the Prince's wedding. I didn't think it so much Royal Family as it was Singing in the Rain.)

I said big things were happening at Scott and I think I lied. Nothing else big is happening. We do have two major holidays coming up, which is exciting. Prince Edward Island in only a few months. Our friends Graeme and Emily are getting married. (And Scott is the Best Man!) Then shortly after that, we're off to Arkansas for my little bro's wedding. (And I'm a bridesmaid!) Weddings are in the air. I like to think I started it. :D

Don't forget about the Unbelievable Cheek Award Nominations. I only have two submissions aside from my own, and I need many many more! Come on friends from home, we all know some people with unbelievable cheek. (Translation-audacity, er... I don't know any good definitions. Cheek is the best word for it.)

Ta ta.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Under Construction

The site is currently under construction as you can probably guess if you have been checking our site frequently (and by frequently I mean yesterday, the day before, and today). We've had to make some major adjustments to the blogger code in order to make frames work, which in return made blogger un-work, so we're under construction for the time being. Posts may be made (actually, I'm sure they will be made) but links, graphics, etc. are all going to be down until we get this all sorted.

We have also been given the priviledge of being asked (and being paid!) to design some websites for a family run company here in the area. So we're just regular web designers these days! It's all very exciting and professional-ish. I love it.

Anyway, more updates soon, more exciting updates that regard things you care about.

Like for instance, my party that is coming up very soon. :D

Monday, April 11, 2005

Our New Site


Just posting to let you know that we know the links are all broken. I had good intentions of putting those pages together, but Fireworks was being a complete nuisance and refusing to do symbols properly. Then I had to get the slicing to work too.


Anyway, the job's mostly done. Whaddyathink? It's a bit smoother than the old interface, anyway.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Unbelievable Cheek Award Nominations

The Unbelievable Cheek Award!

Has someone simply amazed you with their cheek? Do you know someone so cheeky they deserve international recognition? Send us a story illustrating unbelievable cheek and see how it rates against all the other cheeky bastards in the world!

Finalists’ stories will be posted here and voted on by viewers. Cheeky people usually do more than one cheeky thing so enter as many stories as you like to get your cheeky friend—or more likely cheeky foe—the Unbelievable Cheek Award!

Please send submissions to

Names may be changed for protection against slander, so tattle away!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Pilgrim's Progress Notes & Quotes

I'm reading The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan right now, and I'm finding it so comforting spiritually! To read someone else's writing from so long ago and yet relate so explicitly to every detail is indeed an encouragement. Christians have been experiencing the same things for --goes to check the date-- at least 350 years. To know that all Christians go through the same struggles and emotions and disappointments affirms my faith to an extent. Last night I was feeling quite low, and then I recalled a place in the book where Christian discovers he has the key of Promise in his bosom which unlocks all the doors of Doubting-Castle. This recollection freed me! I recalled that I, too, have the key of Promise, and God has promised me that He will never leave me or forsake me, and that the work which He began in me will be performed until it is completed. I recalled Great Grace coming to save us when we are nearly destroyed by the villans of Mistrust and Guilt and so many others. It's an excellent read (though difficult with all the language antiquities) which I suggest to you all.

I've started keeping a record of quotes I like from the book. I will share two with you here:

"...And he told me, that unless I could obtain the Righteousness of a man that had never sinned; neither mine own, nor all the Righteousness of the World could save me."

"Why man! Christ is so hid in God from the natural apprehensions of all Flesh, that he cannot by any man be savingly known, unless God the Father reveals him to them."
-Both quotes by Hopeful

I believe this book might comfort me for years to come. When I face certain adversities, I shall remember how I have caught glimpses of the Celestial Gate and how God has rescued me in the past and that I do indeed have the key of Promise, along with many other jewels that cannot be stolen, buried in my bosom. It is indeed a good book.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Jonah's Wail

Please visit Jonah's Wail for a special message regarding the Easy Alternative to Alcohol.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mrs McFarlane

Said in a Marilyn Monroe stylee.

It's my wife's birthday. I hope she enjoys what's left of it.

Happy Birthday, Lori.

p.s. I got a £50 bonus today, hurray.