Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Dress

Behold The Dress.

This is the dress I made out of that kokeshi doll duvet cover. This is my first dress I've made for myself. It's one thing making children's clothes (if they are kinda screwed up, who cares?), but it's another to make a full-sized adult dress. I'm really proud of it. Look, I even lined it!

I was afraid it wouldn't fit, but as it turns out, it fits perfectly!

It's a little too cleavagy for my taste; however, coupled with a little camisole, it's just right.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Double Day

Posting twice in the same hour. Sorry.

Interesting article.


I am beyond delighted.

I collect kokeshi, Japanese wooden dolls. I used to talk about my kokeshi a lot, but since we've gone to one income, I've had to put my collection on hold, so I haven't bought myself a doll in a long time. But I still love them, love to look at them.

When I got pregnant with Fifi, I dreamed of a girly bedroom with a kokeshi theme. But I never could find any kokeshi fabric or anything else to decorate her room like that. So the only thing she had was this painting that I did, which she loved as a baby.

So imagine my surprise and utter delight when while walking through Tesco (Tesco!), I happened to spot, way down an aisle I wasn't even walking down, this duvet cover:

I couldn't believe my eyes! A kokeshi doll bed cover! And in all the colours of Fifi's room - dark pink, pale pink, lime green! And get this - it was reduced to £5!

As you can see, I bought one. No, that is not true. I did not buy one. I bought three. One for Fifi's bed, one for Lolly's future bed and one... for the fabric. I almost bought two for the fabric but decided three was plenty.

With my third, I am currently making myself a dress. :) I will post pictures when it is complete. Scott thinks it'll look crazy, and it probably will, but you can bet that as long as I don't screw it up and have made it the right measurements, I will be wearing that kokeshi dress proudly.

I'm just so so pleased.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Several Things

I'm sorry all my posts are so 'updatey' and not very thoughtful. I don't have time for thoughts these days.

So first off, let me say, you know you're a mother when the most exciting thing in your life is trying to find out what the mysterious spots your child and all her friends have are. We've ruled out chicken pox, measles, and hand, foot and mouth disease. The doctors are all simply calling it 'viral'. Boy, the number of texts circulating earlier this week.

Second, because Fifi has seen Lolly being carried around in the sling a lot lately, she's taken to stealing my sling out of my bag and trying to use it for her dolls. But it's too big for her, so her dolls fall out, which makes her go berserk, so I decided to make her her own. I took her to IKEA to pick out some fabric and made her this.

Third, I've been using my CrockPot a lot lately. I've made porridge many times overnight, set with a timer to make it ready for breakfast, along with a breakfast risotto and an egg custard, which I'm trying out just now. Not too bad for breakfast. Then, today I'm going to put on chili for dinner tonight. I've also made apple butter in it, which, if I do say so myself, is delicious. My CrockPot made three jars full.

Fourth and finally, I leave for the States in just three weeks. Within that three weeks, I have to finish organising and then run (with the help of the rest of the management committee, of course) our Inverclyde Breastfeeding Mums Annual General Meeting, coordinate and run the TinyTalk regional professional development day, celebrate my birthday (important!) and, of course, pack. I also need to shop for Scott so he's got simple things in the house to eat while I'm gone and shop for Fifi so she's got pre-packaged food items for the flight. I'm going to be extremely busy from here on out, but I love it.

Now I'm off to get my shower and get ready for the day. Don't know if I'll make this egg custard again, but it's pretty good nonetheless...

Sunday, March 01, 2009