Monday, March 23, 2009


I am beyond delighted.

I collect kokeshi, Japanese wooden dolls. I used to talk about my kokeshi a lot, but since we've gone to one income, I've had to put my collection on hold, so I haven't bought myself a doll in a long time. But I still love them, love to look at them.

When I got pregnant with Fifi, I dreamed of a girly bedroom with a kokeshi theme. But I never could find any kokeshi fabric or anything else to decorate her room like that. So the only thing she had was this painting that I did, which she loved as a baby.

So imagine my surprise and utter delight when while walking through Tesco (Tesco!), I happened to spot, way down an aisle I wasn't even walking down, this duvet cover:

I couldn't believe my eyes! A kokeshi doll bed cover! And in all the colours of Fifi's room - dark pink, pale pink, lime green! And get this - it was reduced to £5!

As you can see, I bought one. No, that is not true. I did not buy one. I bought three. One for Fifi's bed, one for Lolly's future bed and one... for the fabric. I almost bought two for the fabric but decided three was plenty.

With my third, I am currently making myself a dress. :) I will post pictures when it is complete. Scott thinks it'll look crazy, and it probably will, but you can bet that as long as I don't screw it up and have made it the right measurements, I will be wearing that kokeshi dress proudly.

I'm just so so pleased.

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