Friday, September 28, 2007

Attachment Fifi-ing

Sometimes people think they know what is best for everyone else. I do this a lot. I think I know what is best for others because I know what is best for me.

But right now I'm going to talk about how much I hate when other people do this to me. We all do it, so it's not about pointing fingers. But this is my blog, and I want this off my chest.

People are always telling me I need to get away from Fifi and have a little 'me' time, or a little 'couple' time with Scott. People seem to think I can't do this with Fi around. Granted, sometimes it is nice to have an adult conversation with Scott without Fi and her crazy antics getting in the way. And sometimes a nice hot bath after Fifi has gone to bed is exactly what I need to unwind. But I know when I need this, and most of the time, we (at least I, and I think I speak for Scott too) are quite happy having Fifi with us, whatever we are doing.

People think it's unhealthy to take Fi with me everywhere I go. They think it is unhealthy that she sleeps in our bed. They think Scott and I should go out more, go on weekends away, etc. I think if you are the type of person to need this, then yes, go ahead. But not everyone is. Not everyone needs to get away. I don't feel I need to get away. In fact, I hate being away.

I'm taking Fifi to London with me for my interview. Even if I were only going down that morning and coming back that evening, I'd be taking her with me. I couldn't even think of leaving her, even with grandparents, even with bottles and bottles of expressed breast milk. The one time I did leave her for most of the day, for a wedding, was one of the worst days (the wedding was nice, it wasn't the wedding's fault) of my motherly life. She didn't think that day was much of a picnic either. My limit is somewhere around 2 hours - after 2 hours, I need to see my little bundle of joy again.

As ridiculous as it seems, I have come to the point of simply not going someplace if I know Fi won't be welcome. It's not that I no longer have my own identity, as some would suggest, it is just that love being around her. I can't stand missing anything. That's not to say that if you do need time away, you don't love your child as much or you are missing their entire childhood, but you're need for time away is different than mine. I'm not unhealthy and neither are you.

When I was little, I wished that fairies were real so that I could get a fairy and carry her around in my pocket and have my own special friend who loved me and was always with me, so I'd never be alone. Fifi is so far superior to my imaginary fairy; she is my little friend who goes everywhere with me and lights up my life everywhere we go. This makes me happy, not tied down.

Right now, I'm lying in bed, with Fifi stirring. She rolls over, cuddles into me and relaxes. This is one of my favourite feelings in the world. The other favourite is when Scott does the same thing.

Scott and I enjoy spending our once husband-wife time with Fifi as family time. We still like to have the odd dinner alone, but after about an hour, we are ready to have Fi back. A few weeks ago, we went out for dinner (I don't remember the occasion) while Scott's parents took Fifi out for a walk. We were back before they were! Some people think having a baby around all the time like this must be hard on the marriage relationship. I think having Fifi around just cements it. We are a real family now, all three of us related. And we both think our marriage is better now than ever.
So anyway that's Lori's outburst for today. To end on a nicer note, here's proof that Fifi can speak.

Da Da from superlori on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

God Is Unable

Just a quick outburst here:

While reading movie reviews from Plugged In, a online Christian website, which I generally respect for its balanced reviews, I read this line about Evan Almighty: 'Granted, the spiritual nuggets here are never quite as potent as the moment when Bruce runs up against free will and empathizes with an all-powerful God unable to make someone love Him.'

Ahem, uh, huh?

Did any of you catch that?

I'll reduce it to a few words in case you didn't. ' all-powerful God unable...'

Okay, come on, people, wouldn't any sensible Christian stop and rethink what they are about to say when the put the words 'all-powerful' 'God' and 'unable' all back-to-back like that? I mean, what?

This is just the kind of thing that makes my head spin. How can people who believe God is all-powerful also believe He is unable to do something? I know free-willers often use semantics and a liberal dose of usually unconscious but nontheless wild eisegesis to justify this idea by saying God 'willingly gave up the right' to 'make someone love Him', but that still says that an all-powerful God *can't*.

I just do. not. understand. this line of reasoning. If God is all-powerful, then he *can* make someone love Him. Simple as that. Argue it if you want, but unless you've got Scripture to back you up, this argument will never ever make sense.

Anyway. Whew. I'm done. The review was fine, by the way. Still don't plan on seeing the movie, but the review was fine.

P.S. I really appreciated the 'Special Word' from James Dobson (with whom I have some beef on other topics but not this). Though he is referring mostly to taking the Lord's name in vain, this statement reflects my problem with the original Bruce Almighty and my problem with its sequel: 'Some people, even individuals with similar beliefs to mine, will not be offended by this presentation. But I was taught at my mother's knee that God is profoundly holy, and we are to approach Him with deep humility and reverence...How can I endorse a movie that runs past those boundaries, even though most others do far worse?' Cheers for that, JD.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Things

Lots of interesting things going on right now. Big changes. From the colour of my hair (heh) to my job interview down in London....

I LOVE how important that sounds. It's not nearly as big as it sounds. But I'll keep up the element of mystery before I say more. Don't want to jinx myself.

I'll keep my hair a mystery too for fun until my camera batteries charge, and I can show you. I can just see my mom's face right about now.

Also big news for my friends Rodger and Amanda, as they were taken in a month early to deliver her baby for several reasons. Prayers would be appreciated. Baby should be here tomorrow morning, and I'm doing my research on breastfeeding premature babies for her.

Disjointed post, I know. I'm tired, and I'm reading a very provacative thread on teen sexuality on the forums.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Kewpie Doll?

(Terrible PhotoShop job, I know.)

A Lovely Wedding

A big congratulations to Jeff and Katie as they begin their marriage to one another. Their wedding was lovely, one of the loveliest weddings I've been to. Not too formal, but not informal either. Just right. Katie's family is lovely, Jeff's family is lovely, I can't think of a better word to describe the whole event other than 'lovely'.

Oh and of course, Jeff and Katie themselves are very lovely.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Three Years and Many More

In the Name of God, I, Lori, take you, Scott, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.

I said these words three years ago, and I mean them even more today than I couldn't possibly done then.

I love you, Scott McFarlane.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Which witch is which?

Lori at 8 months; Fifi at 7.5 months.

We aren't as identical as I remembered (my mom kindly scanned this picture in for me when I took the other picture of Fifi) but still.

(Neither of us are witches, of course.)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Word

Okay, believe it or not, but our little girl TOTALLY spoke today. We are CERTAIN it counts. We were talking about 'daddy' and doing the 'daddy' sign as we talked when Fifi said, 'Da da da.' We, of course, all looked at her (Lorna was here too as a witness) and started saying 'da da' back to her, while signing. She continued on, 'Da da da. Da. Da da. Da da da.' We were getting ever more excited, which excited her too, and she kept going - 'Da da da' - and looking at Daddy with joy.

I know she's only 7.5 months, but there just was no question, she knew who 'Dada' was. As soon, as I pulled out the camera, however, she stopped.

And by the way, Fifi has the sweetest voice I could ever have hoped for.

Refusing To Repeat First Word from superlori on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy Week

My schedule is getting fuller and fuller nowadays. It's good in that I'm always on the go, which I love, and bad because when I'm on the go, who's doing the housework? (It ain't the Housework Fairy, I'll tell you that.)

Here's a brief look:
Today (Monday)
-Meet Freecycle person at 10.30
-Take bridesmaid dress from Devon's wedding to alteration shop to fix zipper (to wear to Katie and Jeff's wedding)
-Make formal business plan for meeting tomorrow
-Read Breastfeeding Network things and sign related forms
*This is considered one of my free days*

Tomorrow (Tuesday)
-La Leche League at 9.30 (will have to miss because of the following)
-Meet girls to discuss new breastfeeding support group at 12
-Breastfeeding training group from 1-3
-Appointment with Business Gateway at 3.30 (Pick up Fi after from Carol's)
-Prayer Meeting at 7.45

-'Buggy Fit' (Pram walking group) at 10.30 (will have to miss because of the following)
-Eye appointment at 11.30
-Bible study at 7.30 (will miss because of the following)
-Watch Scotland vs France football at Graeme's at 7

-Our first official breastfeeding drop-in support group at Fun World from 12-3

-Baby swimming from 12-1

I'm tired already.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Poor Laptop

My laptop is dead. Expect even less blogging than usual for the next few days.

In the meantime, check out my Flickr pictures and have a sneak peak at what is going to look like. (Missing pics and links, I know. Laptop died during the creation process!)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Don't Feel Like It But..

I ought to pop in and say hello and stuff.


1. We went to Inverness for the day on Monday and really had a fantastic time. It was so good for me and Scott to just spend a leisurely day together and reconnect. It certainly helped that Fifi was a perfect angel the whole day too, giving us a much needed break. Pictures on our Flickr.

2. We all have colds. All three of us. Don't know where they came from, but it's a sneezy home we keep these days.

3. My breastfeeding support training is nearly over, and we will be starting our support group next week. Exciting and scary!

4. Fifi may be young, but she's no stranger to law-breaking. I kept her in the pub way past the pub's licensing time last night. I'm a bad mother.

I just sneezed so I'm off to blow my nose.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Double Trouble

While not twins, two boys were born this week to two friends who are of the North American/Scotland-dwelling (or recently Scotland-dwelling) persuasion.

Big congratulations to Bryce and Ashley on the birth of their son Ezra Chalmers!

And three days later, we welcome David and Neyir's son, Maxwell Jacques, into the world!

Congratulations all of you, and quick recovery prayers.