Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy Week

My schedule is getting fuller and fuller nowadays. It's good in that I'm always on the go, which I love, and bad because when I'm on the go, who's doing the housework? (It ain't the Housework Fairy, I'll tell you that.)

Here's a brief look:
Today (Monday)
-Meet Freecycle person at 10.30
-Take bridesmaid dress from Devon's wedding to alteration shop to fix zipper (to wear to Katie and Jeff's wedding)
-Make formal business plan for meeting tomorrow
-Read Breastfeeding Network things and sign related forms
*This is considered one of my free days*

Tomorrow (Tuesday)
-La Leche League at 9.30 (will have to miss because of the following)
-Meet girls to discuss new breastfeeding support group at 12
-Breastfeeding training group from 1-3
-Appointment with Business Gateway at 3.30 (Pick up Fi after from Carol's)
-Prayer Meeting at 7.45

-'Buggy Fit' (Pram walking group) at 10.30 (will have to miss because of the following)
-Eye appointment at 11.30
-Bible study at 7.30 (will miss because of the following)
-Watch Scotland vs France football at Graeme's at 7

-Our first official breastfeeding drop-in support group at Fun World from 12-3

-Baby swimming from 12-1

I'm tired already.

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