Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Word

Okay, believe it or not, but our little girl TOTALLY spoke today. We are CERTAIN it counts. We were talking about 'daddy' and doing the 'daddy' sign as we talked when Fifi said, 'Da da da.' We, of course, all looked at her (Lorna was here too as a witness) and started saying 'da da' back to her, while signing. She continued on, 'Da da da. Da. Da da. Da da da.' We were getting ever more excited, which excited her too, and she kept going - 'Da da da' - and looking at Daddy with joy.

I know she's only 7.5 months, but there just was no question, she knew who 'Dada' was. As soon, as I pulled out the camera, however, she stopped.

And by the way, Fifi has the sweetest voice I could ever have hoped for.

Refusing To Repeat First Word from superlori on Vimeo.

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