Monday, April 21, 2008

Class Update

Classes were good, for those who are keeping track. I had a total of six mums, which isn't much (and it barely covered room hire, thanks to the one pre-book and two CD sales), but it was so much fun. I had a great time. I hope the other mums did too. The babies sure seemed into it! Hopefully the numbers will go up next week. Hopefully people will tell their friends!

First Class

Today, in about three hours, I run my first TinyTalk class. I haven't been nervous at all up until this point. Now my mind is racing with worst-case scenarios, and I'm positively sick to my stomach! What if no one shows up! Worse, what if ONE mum shows up? We'll see.

Here's a very nervous TinyTalk teacher:

I think I'm ready. I'm going to glance back over my lesson plan even though I should know it like the back of my hand now. I just hope all works out. It's the logistics that worry me, like what if there aren't enough chairs in the room or what if every single mum brings a pram (and the room isn't big enough for that many prams) or what if the room I've hired is double booked because they forgot about me? See, I'm being silly, but really, SO NERVOUS.

I'll try to be courteous enough to let you know how it goes. If the result isn't too painful to talk about...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Count Down

My mom arrives in less than a week and my dad in less than two weeks! Hurray!

Fifi is watching High School Musical. As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I kinda love it too. It reminds me of being in high school again (I was into the musical thing) and also all those boy-meets-girl first moments. Those were exciting. (But they always ended in heartbreak until that final wonderful one, so I don't miss it!) I think Fi has a thing for Zac Efron. She took a book with his picture off the shelf in WHSmith the other day and brought it to me. He might be just a bit old for her just now.

I need to go finish getting ready and getting Fifi ready. Scott goes to work at 8.30 now so it's earlier mornings for us now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Down With the Cold

Our poor Fi has been fighting a cold for over a week now. Her poor nose is just dripping green snot (lovely image, I know) and her eyes have green globbies and she's coughing a lot. She seems miserable.

I took her to the doctor (!) this morning to see if there was anything else I could do for her besides Calpol. He was really nice. In fact, when he got out his stethoscope to listen to her chest, I could hardly believe it! He was actually LOOKING at my child. This was a different doctor from the one who told me she had a 'teething rash' without looking at her - I think - though he was in the same office as that guy so maybe it was him after all. I remember him with brown hair, but this doc had grey. Hmm. Anyway, he prescribed her some nasal drops to help clear her nose while she sleeps, which I might go fill, I haven't decided. Will talk to Scott first.

So, it's been a miserable week. Oh, and did I mention I'm sick too? Sore throat, sneezy, tired, achy... bleh. We are quite a pair, me and Fi.

Well, we are about to leave, and I've just noticed she has taken off her socks and shoes, so must go fix that.

Two weeks until my mom arrives!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

NHS 24 and Other Hotlines

I have become addicted to phoning NHS 24. Much like my addiction to phoning 1-800-I-FEEL-OK back in the early 90's. (Does anyone else remember OK Soda?) I used to phone OK Soda's hotlines all the time and leave fake 'coincidences' related to drinking OK. Anyway, it was a bit of an obsession there for a little while, much like NHS 24 is becoming.

The difference is, I don't call NHS 24 for the sheer pleasure of it, but for the sheer convenience of it. See, I don't like going to see the doctor. I'm not afraid of doctors or anything, I just don't like them. I don't trust them. My distrust of allopathic medicine in general began when I was pregnant with Fifi and discovered just how backwards women's medical practice is. From unsafe and outdated labour and delivery routine practices to wildly incorrect breastfeeding and other post-natal advice, I've just stopped believing doctors. I hate deciding that 'it's better safe than sorry' and making the effort to take myself or my child to the doctor, just to wait in a smelly and germ-infested waiting room for half an hour, then see a doctor for five minutes who barely looks you in the eye while he writes a prescription halfway through your discussion of your medical concerns. I hate it. I've taken myself/Fi in about three times in total, and each time I've left angry and disappointed.

The first time (and thus continues my rant on doctors) it was because I had mastitis. If you've had mastitis yourself (that's an infection and inflammation of the breast tissue due to inadequate milk duct drainage), you'll know what a traumatic experience it is. For me, I came down with it in what felt like seconds. Suddenly, I was hot/cold, had flu-like symptoms, my breasts were red, sore and inflamed, and I couldn't stand the sight of my baby. I was yelling at her for crying. That's when I knew something had snapped. I called my midwife, and she told me to get to a doctor. It was about 4 days after my c-section, so she suggested requesting a doctor to come out to my house, as I wasn't fit for getting out and about yet. However, the doctor's surgery said that was impossible and had me come in. I explained over the phone that I had mastitis, but the nurse told me it was just 'the flu'. When I saw the doctor, he said, 'A touch of the flu, huh?' No! Mastitis, you nincompoop! He looked at me dubiously, shook his head and wrote me out a prescription for antibiotics.

The next time was when I took Fifi in because she'd started having a lot of reflux. As a new mum, I wanted to make sure she was okay. The doctor carelessly wrote out a prescription for Infant Gaviscon and Daktarin for her 'thrush'. Thrush? What thrush? He said her tongue was white and that was thrush. I told him she'd just been feeding a minute ago and that's why her tongue was white. He told me I was wrong. So I asked for a prescription for myself, since I was breastfeeding and thrush could be passed back and forth. 'Oh, no,' he said. 'Thrush can't be passed from baby to mother. You'll be fine.' I was astounded.

The final time was when she broke out in a rash all over her body. I thought it looked like an allergic rash, so I took her in. A different doctor didn't so much as lift her shirt to look at her skin before he assured me it was only a teething rash and at least it wasn't German measles, and then began grilling me on her immunisation status and telling me that 'measles is one of the most deadliest childhood diseases' known to man. I commented that the MMR wasn't even given until after their first birthday (she was about 8 months old), and he looked a bit embarrassed and said, 'Well, she needs to be up-to-date on the rest just in case.' Just in case? In case she encounters someone with measles and her diphtheria shot can protect her?

Rant over.

So, enter NHS 24. The reason I started this post. Someone told me about it over a weekend when I was wondering about something but obviously couldn't go see a doctor. It changed my life. All you do is call this number. The operator asks you questions about your concerns and forwards you to a nurse who specialises in that area. The nurse takes ALL your details, relevant or not, because obviously, they can't see you so they need to know exactly what is wrong to cover themselves. (And why don't doctors feel they need to cover THEMselves?) They give you as long as you like to express all your concerns, list all your symptoms, and then they give you advice. I've called them three times now, and I've always been pleased with the conversation. If they feel you need medical attention, they arrange an out-of-hours visit for you at your local clinic, as they did with Fifi a few days ago when I thought she had conjunctivitis. I called last night to get medicine adive, since the insert said not to take if you are breastfeeding. I mean, who has ever consulted a doctor before taking an OTC drug? Now that I've discovered NHS 24, I can. And I do. And it was worth it.

Sigh. That was much longer than I originally expected it to be. Sorry to any doctors/nurses/etc out there (like my pharmacist brother and my nurse sister-in-law and aunt and my hospital-working mother). I'm sure none of you are like the ones I've encountered.

(P.S. Doctors are good and necessary, I know this. Some out there are brilliant. I just think I happen to have a crappy GP. And it has tainted my impressions of the whole lot. Kind of like when you bite into a sour grape and then can't bear to eat any more of them, even though most of them are probably very sweet and delicious. I have met some brilliant doctors, so I know they exist. But I've met some major jerks too. Disclaimer over. Sorry if I've offended you. Go homeopathy.)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Late Birthday Recap

Well, the birthday didn't end exactly as planned, but it was great nonetheless. We didn't manage to get out to our dinner at Thai Siam because Sarah and Ian's babysitter cancelled last minute, so we just went over to their house for the evening and ordered in Chinese. Sarah got me a die cut for my birthday (along with some chocolate and bath stuff), but the die cut didn't fit in her machine. So that's what Scott ended up getting me for my birthday - my own Sizzix BIGkick! I think you'd need to be into cardmaking to appreciate it.

However, now I'm loaded with the cold, and so is Fifi, so we all feel pretty miserable.

It's a pretty day, so I think I'll take Fi out for some fresh air.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me and Stuff

Hello, today is my birthday.

Fifi and I just returned from London yesterday afternoon after my Training Day. I think I mentioned that I'd be leaving Fifi with friends for the whole day on Saturday, and that I was dreading it. Well, indeed I did have to leave her, and it ended up being 13 and a half hours apart. Considering the longest I've left her has probably been no more than 5, it was hard. But she was a trooper. Big thanks to Sheena and David, by the way. Apparently she was fine the first half of the day, but after waking from her nap, she was rather inconsolable until David came down. She liked David and played with him the rest of the day. I think she may have had her first crush. Haha.

The Training Day was good. I feel really excited about starting my TinyTalk classes! I've had quite a lot of interest, which is really excellent.

Today I did a 'taster' for a popular Mother and Toddler group. There were a LOT of kids so it was pretty chaotic, but despite my having to practically throw out my entire plan for how it would go, it went pretty well. Hopefully that'll draw in some interest too. Loads of leaflets were lifted and several people asked me questions at the end, so both are good signs.

And yeah, today is my birthday. Scott and I are going out with our friends Sarah and Ian for dinner at my favourite restaurant, Thai Siam. I love this place. I am looking forward to it. Scott is booking me a massage for my birthday, and he's also getting me a pressie, if I can find what it is that I want. Nice!

My mom phoned me this morning. She phoned twice and left what seemed like an urgent message. I got the message while driving. It sounded so bad, I immediately drove to Maria's house, which was the closest person to where I was and used her phone to call home. I said, "Mom?? Is everything okay?" You know what she did? She and Dad began singing happy birthday to me. Goobers! I was so worried! Oh well, thanks, darling parents, for remembering me and calling me to wish me a happy 26th.

It's funny, I keep forgetting today is my birthday at all.

Anyway, we leave in about two hours. I think, if Scott is up for watching the little one, I might go take a bath and primp for my special date. Are you happy, Aunt Phyllis, that I blogged for you?