Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me and Stuff

Hello, today is my birthday.

Fifi and I just returned from London yesterday afternoon after my Training Day. I think I mentioned that I'd be leaving Fifi with friends for the whole day on Saturday, and that I was dreading it. Well, indeed I did have to leave her, and it ended up being 13 and a half hours apart. Considering the longest I've left her has probably been no more than 5, it was hard. But she was a trooper. Big thanks to Sheena and David, by the way. Apparently she was fine the first half of the day, but after waking from her nap, she was rather inconsolable until David came down. She liked David and played with him the rest of the day. I think she may have had her first crush. Haha.

The Training Day was good. I feel really excited about starting my TinyTalk classes! I've had quite a lot of interest, which is really excellent.

Today I did a 'taster' for a popular Mother and Toddler group. There were a LOT of kids so it was pretty chaotic, but despite my having to practically throw out my entire plan for how it would go, it went pretty well. Hopefully that'll draw in some interest too. Loads of leaflets were lifted and several people asked me questions at the end, so both are good signs.

And yeah, today is my birthday. Scott and I are going out with our friends Sarah and Ian for dinner at my favourite restaurant, Thai Siam. I love this place. I am looking forward to it. Scott is booking me a massage for my birthday, and he's also getting me a pressie, if I can find what it is that I want. Nice!

My mom phoned me this morning. She phoned twice and left what seemed like an urgent message. I got the message while driving. It sounded so bad, I immediately drove to Maria's house, which was the closest person to where I was and used her phone to call home. I said, "Mom?? Is everything okay?" You know what she did? She and Dad began singing happy birthday to me. Goobers! I was so worried! Oh well, thanks, darling parents, for remembering me and calling me to wish me a happy 26th.

It's funny, I keep forgetting today is my birthday at all.

Anyway, we leave in about two hours. I think, if Scott is up for watching the little one, I might go take a bath and primp for my special date. Are you happy, Aunt Phyllis, that I blogged for you?

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