Monday, February 28, 2005

Job Fuss

I'm nervous because today is the day I have predetermined to call both the Police and the High School of Glasgow to ask about the status of my applications. I have to do this today, because it has been predetermined, but I am very nervous. Have I given them enough time? Will I be pestering them if I call? Or will they be impressed that I am enthusiastic about working for (either one of) them?

I don't know which job I want more. I am reminded of my friend Ashlea's recent blog entry about career woman vs. stay-at-home mom. If I am offered the job with the CID (as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst) I will not want to forfeit that job for anything. It would be the kind of thing I would want to advance in and move upwards in. Thus making it difficult for me if I were to get pregnant. I would be torn as to whether I wanted to be career woman or stay-at-home mom.

On the other hand, if I work for the school, the attitude would be totally different. I would love my job, but I would be able to leave when I had kids with the well-wishes of all the staff. I could even return after my (awesome one-year paid!) maternity leave with no bother. The school would be likely to let me work school hours when the kids were in school so I wouldn't miss any time with them... To be honest, though the job with the CID is my dream job, I think I want the school job more. I think I know what my priorities are, and I fear the CID job might make me forget.

Besides, maybe if I work for the school, my kids'll get a discount! (It's a posh private school--the poshest of the posh--and Scott and I have made a ten-year goal of having enough money by the time they begin school to send them there. Because we are certain our kids will be brilliant enough to get in.)

I wish that was the kind of ten-year goal I could tell employers in interviews...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

We're All Going On A....

Crazy long drive.

We're off to England to see Katy (mah wee sis). Have fun this weekend and don't eat any hedgehogs.

Friday, February 25, 2005


Un: I have now applied for 5 jobs, 2 of which are no-go's. I've called asking for several applications to be mailed to me, but I've only received one.

Deux: The job I interviewed for on Tuesday and Wednesday--well, let's just say, "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!" I went to the first interview and found out that what they were looking for was people to run their businesses. I didn't think they'd call me back for a second interview, but they did, so I, of course, went. I wore a suit, acted very professional, and brought a notebook for notes, just as everyone else called in for the interview. We were then paired up with a current manager and were meant to shadow them for the day to see what it is they do. I didn't quite catch on, even when they started carrying around big black bags full of torches, watches, and dancing toy dogs. But when we first walked into a random business and started a sales pitch to the employees, I got it. We walked up and down streets in the snow for 3 hours before finally me and the other observer just said Forget it. We took the bus back to Glasgow and said farwell to dodgy door-to-door sales. "Not my cup o' tea."

Trois: I went swimming today with the in-laws. The gym has a fun pool with a wave pool and a lazy river. It was closed today though.

Quatre: I had a Scottish breakfast of bacon, sausage, runny egg, tomato, toast, and potato scone. Other than the runny egg and tomato, yum. Fat.

Cinq: I talked to a friend from Arkansas last night for a few minutes, and she said something that shocked me. "I meant to call you a few days ago for your sixth month anniversary..." Six months? No, she had to have calculated that wrong. But no. She was right. We've been married for six months! We're oldly-weds! Goodness gracious!

Six: I did my taxes yesterday. I found out how to claim deductions. It's so frickin worth the effort! I'm getting twice as much back as I did last year! And I'm claiming Scott as an exemption. Whatever that means. The nice chap at the IRS told me I could.

Sept: The fam and I are heading down to England tomorrow to visit my sister-in-law and her boyf. We were meant to go to Alton Towers, but that got cancelled. We're going shopping instead. Too bad Scott and I are brizzoke. I'm an unemployed bum, and he's money-conscious. Good lad. I'll bribe him with a CD.

Huit: Aqueduct is performing on the Conan O'Brien show tonight, Friday, at whatever time it comes on. Holy tricoli. I use to date one of those guys, and now he's a TV star. (And I don't mean Conan...)

Neuf: I am going to plant a flower garden. I do not know if it will survive.

Dix: There are three stray sheep eating grass outside my window. I love living in Scotland.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well, I finally took down the Christmas tree yesterday. I must be missing Arkansas so much that I've adopted new redneck ways to use in Scotland. At any rate, it was time for it to come down because I needed that corner for redecorating.

I have an interview for a job today. I have a feeling, though, that it's a telemarketing job, which I am not really so interested in. I have no desire to either a) be the obnoxious caller who interrupts people's lives for trivial matters or b) be hung up on, cursed, and despised all day long by the sea of anonymous individuals I have troubled. But regardless, it'll be good "interview experience" and who knows, maybe the job won't be telemarketing at all. It comes down to the three big IFs: Telemarketing, Shifts, Commission. If it is a telemarketing job, a weekend shifts job, or a job based on commission (without a reasonable guaranteed salary), then the job is a no-go.

In other news on the job front, though, I have about 4 application packs coming my way for jobs I have a reasonably good chance of. My personal favourite of this lot is the Informations & Events Coordinator for the National Lottery Fund. One of the benefits is something to do with discounts on lottery tickets or something along those lines. I wonder if the church can still take my tithe if I work for the Lottery....?

We also have some exciting news for our blogging public--we got a new car. Yippee! And we didn't pay a cent--er, pence. Scott's parents found a car in the paper and bought it, so we're either gonna get that car or theirs. I say they should keep the new car for themselves; we'd be happy enough taking their current car. And this couldn't have happened at a more appropriate time--our car broke down again this morning as Scott headed off for work. God has good timing, eh?

Speaking of broken things, this is a list of things broken in our lives:
1. The shower
2. The boiler (which means heat and hot water)
3. The plug to the stereo
4. The other stereo
5. The mouse (but ok, not really, Scott fixed it last night. But it WAS broken.)
6. The car
7. The mail opening in the door
8. The ceiling underneath the bathtub
9. The bathtub, if we just give it time, it will break again

That's probably not an all-inclusive list, but I've got to go to the lavvy so I'm done trying to think of more. Ciao! (sp?)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentine's Day

Ok, so it's late. What were you expecting? Promptness from me?

I shall describe the evening.

A table, set for two, lit only by scattered candles, overshadowed by two tall stems of oriental lilies, freshly bought that day, with the melodies of Mozart softly playing in the background.

Peppered sirloin steak (sauted with green peppers and onion), accompanied by carrot, avacado, potatoes mashed in their skins and lemon butter asparagus, followed by miniature pancakes with strawberry and cream yoghurt.

The evening was completed by a viewing of that classic film, Gone With The Wind. Clark Gable has never been so dashing, Vivien Leigh never more beautiful.

And I even prepared almost the whole meal (Lori did the asparagus, I wasn't keen on it). Other than that, I'm smooooooooooooooth, ladies and gentlemen.

That's all.

Happy Purple Ronnie Day

Scott said he was going to blog about our Valentine's Day, but he hasn't yet, so I'm taking over.

Scott and I have discovered this wee man called Purple Ronnie. Purple Ronnie is saucy, cute, painfully British, and steps slightly over the line. He writes these tiny books full of poems and tips and interesting facts about anything you can think of. So far, we have Purple Ronnie's Little Books of: Poems to Say I Love You, Marriage, Doing It, the Kama Sutra, Friends, Life, Men, Girls, and Christmas. Jonathan and Sarah purchased The Purple Ronnie Game of Risks and Rhymes for us for Christmas to add to our collection, and we have the 2005 Calendar hanging in the guest room. We're fans.

So naturally, Purple Ronnie, being the Suave Lover that he is, put out several nice Valentine's items. And just as naturally, we purchased them for Valentine's Day. Between the two of us, we received from each other the Purple Ronnie Book of Chocolate, a Purple Ronnie card, a Purple Ronnie mug To Say I Love You, and the Purple Ronnie's Game of Forfeits, which involves a spinner, a shot glass that glows in the dark, and little heart-shaped cards spelling out silly dares like Go Knock On Your Neighbour's Door and Run Away.

Now, this is not what Scott wanted to tell about. But now that I've gotten to the part he wanted to share, I think I will just go ahead and let him do it as he wished. I'll give you a clue though--it involves the delicious meal my dearest husband COOKED FOR ME FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

I think the most insulting thing in the world is having the Bible treated like outdated rubbish and replacing it with modern ideas of what we "feel deep in our bones" to be actually true.

This kind of thinking is poisoning the human race, and my heart is screaming at it while breaking.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Smartypants Me


Just got back from church. Lori and I were leading praise with a few of the guys from the church, it went marvellously.

This week I got my review in work. Even though I've only been there for 6ish months, they gave me a rating anyway (you're supposed to work a full year for that). Anyway, I got the best that I could possibly get, so that means a bonus and a payrise. To go on top of my other bonus. Which means my March paypacket will be p h phat.

In other news, Lori Bori quit her crappy job in a crappy coffee shop. Finally. Her boss was being a rather unpleasant, short little man and shouting at her in front of the customers for something the manager had told her to do, so she quit. Which I am quite happy about, she's better qualified than me and working in a coffee shop.

Anyway, I thought it was about time to blog again, now I'm off.


Monday, February 07, 2005

Sneezing-in-the-Kitchen Talk

ME: Uh-oh, I'm gonna sneeze!
JEAN: Think of bananas! Was it bananas? Chocolate.
ME: A cow.
JEAN: Was it a cow?
ME: Yeah.

No sneeze.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


I've been watching this blog for a couple of weeks. It's all about the deepest darkest secrets of the human soul. Like this:

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Lazy Thursday?

Today is my surprise day off. It was a surprise because I didn't ask for it off, and I usually work every weekday. But I asked to come in after 9:30am because of a doctor's appointment and ended up getting the whole day.

My taxi driver asked if I was having a lazy day and the nurse asked if I were gonna treat myself to some shopping. No and no.

I'm treating myself to some cleaning. My house does not even resemble a Lori-house; it's the world's biggest mess. Particularly the kitchen. Granted, I've never been much of a kitchen woman, aside from the cooking part. I hate cleaning kitchens. But anyway, I'm taking a break to blog. I just finished the guest/computer/music/reading/laundry room which was the messiest room in the house. It might as well have just been the junk room. But it's tidy now. Next up is the bedroom, if I can ever drag myself out of the warmth.

Right, heat's still off. But the gas man is coming today (supposedly) so maybe we'll be warm again. And then if we can just get the bathtub fixed, we'll be able to shower again. Stupid old houses.

I bought 4 books for £5 yesterday at Bargain Books. Great Expectations (Charles Dickens), Dubliners (James Joyce), The Secret Garden (Frances Hodgson Burnett), and The Plays of Oscar Wilde (Oscar Wilde). Those, along with Knowing God (J.I. Packer), which I am currently reading, ought to keep a lonely, friendless housewife busy for months to come!

I'm not really that lonely--I'm becoming comfortably friends with dear Debbie. She likes me for some reason. It makes me smile.

And to end on a happy friend note, my bridesmaid and dear friend Devon is coming to visit!! Get that passport, girl, and git yerself over here! The guest/computer/music/reading/laundry/junk room is open...ish.