Friday, February 25, 2005


Un: I have now applied for 5 jobs, 2 of which are no-go's. I've called asking for several applications to be mailed to me, but I've only received one.

Deux: The job I interviewed for on Tuesday and Wednesday--well, let's just say, "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!" I went to the first interview and found out that what they were looking for was people to run their businesses. I didn't think they'd call me back for a second interview, but they did, so I, of course, went. I wore a suit, acted very professional, and brought a notebook for notes, just as everyone else called in for the interview. We were then paired up with a current manager and were meant to shadow them for the day to see what it is they do. I didn't quite catch on, even when they started carrying around big black bags full of torches, watches, and dancing toy dogs. But when we first walked into a random business and started a sales pitch to the employees, I got it. We walked up and down streets in the snow for 3 hours before finally me and the other observer just said Forget it. We took the bus back to Glasgow and said farwell to dodgy door-to-door sales. "Not my cup o' tea."

Trois: I went swimming today with the in-laws. The gym has a fun pool with a wave pool and a lazy river. It was closed today though.

Quatre: I had a Scottish breakfast of bacon, sausage, runny egg, tomato, toast, and potato scone. Other than the runny egg and tomato, yum. Fat.

Cinq: I talked to a friend from Arkansas last night for a few minutes, and she said something that shocked me. "I meant to call you a few days ago for your sixth month anniversary..." Six months? No, she had to have calculated that wrong. But no. She was right. We've been married for six months! We're oldly-weds! Goodness gracious!

Six: I did my taxes yesterday. I found out how to claim deductions. It's so frickin worth the effort! I'm getting twice as much back as I did last year! And I'm claiming Scott as an exemption. Whatever that means. The nice chap at the IRS told me I could.

Sept: The fam and I are heading down to England tomorrow to visit my sister-in-law and her boyf. We were meant to go to Alton Towers, but that got cancelled. We're going shopping instead. Too bad Scott and I are brizzoke. I'm an unemployed bum, and he's money-conscious. Good lad. I'll bribe him with a CD.

Huit: Aqueduct is performing on the Conan O'Brien show tonight, Friday, at whatever time it comes on. Holy tricoli. I use to date one of those guys, and now he's a TV star. (And I don't mean Conan...)

Neuf: I am going to plant a flower garden. I do not know if it will survive.

Dix: There are three stray sheep eating grass outside my window. I love living in Scotland.

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