Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well, I finally took down the Christmas tree yesterday. I must be missing Arkansas so much that I've adopted new redneck ways to use in Scotland. At any rate, it was time for it to come down because I needed that corner for redecorating.

I have an interview for a job today. I have a feeling, though, that it's a telemarketing job, which I am not really so interested in. I have no desire to either a) be the obnoxious caller who interrupts people's lives for trivial matters or b) be hung up on, cursed, and despised all day long by the sea of anonymous individuals I have troubled. But regardless, it'll be good "interview experience" and who knows, maybe the job won't be telemarketing at all. It comes down to the three big IFs: Telemarketing, Shifts, Commission. If it is a telemarketing job, a weekend shifts job, or a job based on commission (without a reasonable guaranteed salary), then the job is a no-go.

In other news on the job front, though, I have about 4 application packs coming my way for jobs I have a reasonably good chance of. My personal favourite of this lot is the Informations & Events Coordinator for the National Lottery Fund. One of the benefits is something to do with discounts on lottery tickets or something along those lines. I wonder if the church can still take my tithe if I work for the Lottery....?

We also have some exciting news for our blogging public--we got a new car. Yippee! And we didn't pay a cent--er, pence. Scott's parents found a car in the paper and bought it, so we're either gonna get that car or theirs. I say they should keep the new car for themselves; we'd be happy enough taking their current car. And this couldn't have happened at a more appropriate time--our car broke down again this morning as Scott headed off for work. God has good timing, eh?

Speaking of broken things, this is a list of things broken in our lives:
1. The shower
2. The boiler (which means heat and hot water)
3. The plug to the stereo
4. The other stereo
5. The mouse (but ok, not really, Scott fixed it last night. But it WAS broken.)
6. The car
7. The mail opening in the door
8. The ceiling underneath the bathtub
9. The bathtub, if we just give it time, it will break again

That's probably not an all-inclusive list, but I've got to go to the lavvy so I'm done trying to think of more. Ciao! (sp?)

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