Monday, February 28, 2005

Job Fuss

I'm nervous because today is the day I have predetermined to call both the Police and the High School of Glasgow to ask about the status of my applications. I have to do this today, because it has been predetermined, but I am very nervous. Have I given them enough time? Will I be pestering them if I call? Or will they be impressed that I am enthusiastic about working for (either one of) them?

I don't know which job I want more. I am reminded of my friend Ashlea's recent blog entry about career woman vs. stay-at-home mom. If I am offered the job with the CID (as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst) I will not want to forfeit that job for anything. It would be the kind of thing I would want to advance in and move upwards in. Thus making it difficult for me if I were to get pregnant. I would be torn as to whether I wanted to be career woman or stay-at-home mom.

On the other hand, if I work for the school, the attitude would be totally different. I would love my job, but I would be able to leave when I had kids with the well-wishes of all the staff. I could even return after my (awesome one-year paid!) maternity leave with no bother. The school would be likely to let me work school hours when the kids were in school so I wouldn't miss any time with them... To be honest, though the job with the CID is my dream job, I think I want the school job more. I think I know what my priorities are, and I fear the CID job might make me forget.

Besides, maybe if I work for the school, my kids'll get a discount! (It's a posh private school--the poshest of the posh--and Scott and I have made a ten-year goal of having enough money by the time they begin school to send them there. Because we are certain our kids will be brilliant enough to get in.)

I wish that was the kind of ten-year goal I could tell employers in interviews...

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