Monday, January 31, 2005

I have a lot on my mind and all my nails have been bitten off.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

On Knowledge Applied

What is my ultimate aim and object in occupying my mind with [knowledge about God]? What do I intend to do with my knowledge about God, once I have it? For the fact that we have to face is this: If we pursue theological knowledge for its own sake, it is bount to go bad on us. It will make us proud and conceited. The very greatness of the subject matter will intoxicate us, and we shall come to think of ourselves as a cut above other Christians because of our interest in it and grasp of it; and we shall look down on those whose theological ideas seem crude and inadequate and dismiss them as very poor specimens. For, as Paul told the conceited Corinthians, "Knowledge puffs up...The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know" (1 Cor 8:1-2).

-quoted from J.I. Packer's Knowing God

Saturday, January 29, 2005


I Am Grateful For...

1. In-laws who let us use their warm house and warm shower when our boiler breaks down.
2. Friends that I am starting to make.
3. Scott for a million reasons, one of which was him just telling me to call the Salon and schedule a massage appointment for next week, on him.
4. Jesus for his mercy to me for I am weak.
5. My new shoes.
6. God giving me the ability, capacity, and education to not have to work in a coffee shop the rest of my life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Knowledge Puffs Up

...but love builds up.

I think I face the ultimate theological struggle. No, it's not predestination. But pride.

As I learn more about the Scriptures, I find myself more and more arrogant. When someone says something that is biblically untrue, I'm ready for the swing. I'm ready to pounce. Oh my goodness, I'm a Bible Thumper. I wonder, do I desire to know God, or do I desire to be awesome? Is it that the Scriptures are so precious to me that I despise it's subversion? (Is subversion a word?) Or is it that I pride myself in how much I know, and by golly, I want you to know it, too.

It's not just that either. I tend to assume that because I know a thing or two that every interpretation I come to must be correct. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful husband who gives me a good kick in the butt when I start acting that way. Do I know God? Well, yes, to a degree. So then does that make me God's expert, God's Right Hand Woman? Hardly. Far from it. It makes me no more than a sinner saved by grace. A wretched pitiful sinner saved only by the mercy of Jesus Christ. I need to back down.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

We're Moving (If It Works)

We're about to try to switch to

See you there.
Scott and I both have toothaches. But mine is just because I started flossing again, and that hurts. Scott's is for real.

I bought veggies for salads to eat today. We ate leftover curry instead.

We're gonna go see a film tonight. Looks like Napolean Dynamite, which isn't as popular here as it is in the States. Also on our list of Films To See: Team America-World Police, Meet the Fokkers, and Phantom of the Opera. Ok, that last one just I want to see.

We bought a new answering machine. Call when we're not home and leave a message. Scott's weird.

I'm still working on some friends.

Happy belated birthday to Devon! We like her.

Congrats to Graeme and Emily on their engagement! We like them.

Byesie byes.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

I have just completed my application for the job with the CID. I am tired. I've spent most of the night trying to write out my "Why you should hire me instead of all the other perfectly capable applicants". Trying to sell oneself in a paragraph is difficult.

And now it's 2:30am, and I ought to be in bed. Night night.

Monday, January 17, 2005


-It is snowing and sticking. We hope the snow will build up so high we'll be "stranded" tomorrow and unable to make it to work.

-My Friend Date got cancelled again, this time due to the snow. It's the third time. We rescheduled for Wednesday which actually works better. I'll have money then, and we're going shopping at Braehead. We plan on gossipping about our husbands. (I've never gotten to do that before!!)

-I gave my manager lots of advice on his love life that he probably won't take. What is it with people? He's in love with her, she's in love with him, they both feel like they could spend the rest of their lives together, and they both love Jesus, so why is there a problem??

-Scott promised to clean the house so he's somewhere singing to music and presumably cleaning. He's a good man.

-I was a big girl and went to the bank all by myself to raise a complaint. Then I called the Recruiting office for that job that I want (see a few posts down) to ask some technical questions about the application. It asks for Highers scores, but we don't do "Highers" in America. Granted, we do ACT/SAT but I'm not gonna admit to my horendous score on that! So I'm just gonna give them my high school and university GPAs. That'll look good.

-I sewed.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

My Tesco Clubcard finally arrived this morning! Hand me a mom-shirt and call me forty!

Friday, January 14, 2005

The Perfect Lori-Sized Job

Guys, I'm not one to usually ask people on my blog to pray on my behalf. I know a lot of people feel that horrible sense of responsibility and guilt when someone asks the blogging world to pray for them, especially when you barely know them...

But look. If you don't mind saying a quick but sincere prayer, I know God'll listen. Because, guys, this is the JOB of my dreams. I found it in the paper and looked up online. I've never been more amazed at how PERFECT a job could be for me. I'm going to apply as soon as they send me an application (the vacancy isn't up on the website yet), and I hate to say it, but my heart is so SET on it. If I don't get it, I'll fully understand that God has something better and more suited for me. But if there is a chance that this is God's will, then by George, I'll take it!

CID Intelligence,
Working as part of a small team, you'll focus on patterns, locations and the underlying causes of crime- and the reports and statistical findings you prepare will contribute to the overall policing plan for the area. You'll research, develop and analyse intelligence from computerised and manual records, to compile intelligence profiles- collating, evaluating, analysing and disseminating information from a variety of sources, including major incidents and serious crimes. You must have high awareness of the sensitive, important nature of the information you'll be dealing with, and you may be called on to give evidence in court. With a proven track record of report writing skills, you'll be educated to Higher level, preferably including English and Maths, or have a minimum of two years' analytical or research experience - although a degree in a relevant subject and experience of i2softwarea nd Internet search engines will be an advantage. Operating a range of computer based systems, you'll be computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Office. Your skills will include picking out critical information from large volumes of data, and accuracy is crucial- while your verbal communication and customer focus will be excellent. The nature of the role means you will often have to work under pressure, so time management is important- as are personal integerity, and self-motivation. With a flexible approach, you'll be able to adapt to change- moving with changes within the role.

I'm not kidding, I want this job.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's All About The Music

Today I received some rather good news at work. I shall be changing my working pattern from 2-10 to 9-5. Meaning a lot of free time has been freed up! Hurray. I'll be able to spend my evenings with my wife, friends and general stuff I haven't been able to do.

Which includes starting/joining a band. I'm really starting to miss music. I played my guitar/keyboard or sang pretty much every day for around 3 years. Now I rarely pick it up, rather than to do the tunes at church. Which is a shame.

Maybe I'll just do some recordings on my own. Or something. Either way, I think you might have some Scott McFarlane originals to listen to in the near future.

Monday, January 10, 2005

I just watched Supersize Me, and I'm so glad Scott and I already started our diet. Sprouts and tomatoes anyone?

Sunday, January 09, 2005

In response to this matter I wrote a letter to the Department of Justice...

Dear Mr. Acosta,

I understand that this situation, in which four Christians in Philadelphia were arrested for speaking out against homosexuality in public, is a tricky one for the Department of Justice and the United States as a whole. On the one hand, we must be considerate and fair in our treatment of our homosexual citizens; yet on the other, we must not discriminate against members of a certain religious community by disallowing them their freedom to assemble peacefully and their freedom of speech as given to us by our Bill of Rights (Amendment I: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.") While the Christian view of homosexuality appears intolerant and offensive to those of differing beliefs, a Christian would be forced to stand unfaithful to his or herself and to God if forced to remain silent on the subject. While the Christian faith does not advocate or tolerate hatefullness or ill-treatment of homosexuals, it does teach that the practice of homosexuality is detrimental to one's eternal soul. It is for this reason, and for the responsibility to remain true to the Bible which is believed to be the Word of God, that Christians speak out against homosexuality. It is intended to be an act of love, of concern for the eternal lives of others, not one of hate. This is not always how it is displayed in actual performance, but it is the Biblical principle that Christians strive to follow.

It has been reported that the Department of Justice is refusing to investigate this situation because some Department of Justice attorneys were present when these people were arrested and advised members of the Philadelphia police on how to arrest them on charges of ethnic intimidation. If this is indeed the truth, I believe the Department of Justice has failed in its responsibility to the citizens of the United States. I do not know the whole story of what happened in Philadelphia; obviously, I can only rely on the media's representation. I do not mean to claim the arrested Christians' innocence, as I do not know if any distasteful activity took place on their behalf. I am unaware of the full details regarding the situation, but then again, isn't that the very point? No one can know the full details unless a fair trial takes place. Innocent of hate crimes or guilty, these four individuals deserve a fair trial in which they are allowed to defend themselves and their belief system, as also granted in our Bill of Rights (Amendment VI). As the Justice Department of the United States, it is your responsibility to ensure that all citizens receive the investigation adequate to assure a fair trial and hopefully a just verdict. To refuse to investigate this matter is certainly a breach in that responsibility on behalf of those arrested individuals.

This is a request for the Department of Justice to investigate the treatment and indictment of the Christians in Philadelphia. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Saturday, January 08, 2005


Congratulations to my brother Matt and his girlfriend-now-fiancee Charity on their engagement!! My wee brother whom I used to try to kill is getting married to an absolutely lovely girl this summer. We've known Charity, well, forever so we all immensely approve.

Ok, ok, so let's cut the chase. The point is, I'm a bridesmaid!!! I've never ever been a bridesmaid!! I was a bride once, but this is completely different. This is my dream come true. Of all my friends who've gotten married (which actually isn't many), none of them have asked me to be a bridesmaid. So I'm very excited that Charity has asked me to do this honour.

But really, that's not the only reason I've posted. The congrats do go out to the sib. I'm very proud of the way my little brother has grown up. Like all kids, Matt could've gone one way or the other, but the wee boy grew up alright. He's an impressive wee man. And he was just the cutest kid EVER--oh my gosh, and he's gonna be a husband.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Greetings and Hellos,

Today is a better day than yesterday. And I slept more than I have for the last few nights. :). Stuff was going down, it's getting better now.

In other news, we got a new mouse. It's a wireless one, but it has a spiffing little charging cradle, which is suweet. So our new website should begin design sometime this weekend. As soon as I find the Macromedia CD.

Well, I just thought I'd post.

Ooooh, yeah. I'm going to be the Secular Music mod again. Fun.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Our Hogmanay "party" was a success. Even though only one couple showed, we had a good time. And as it turned out, had any other couples shown up, we probably would not have enjoyed our new board game, Purple Ronnie's Groovy Game of Risks and Rhymes. It's not a game for all walks of life. It's definitely a "I-dare-you-to-moon-the-bus!" game. Fun times. We also played Scrabble and Absolute Balderdash. Bored games? I think not.

Scott and I have the day off tomorrow so we're hoping to find something exciting to do, like go bowling. Anyone wanna join us?

Tonight we are doing the praise at church so we better get moving. We almost had the chance to babysit for a newborn (!), but the opportunity was passed up. We didn't react fast enough. Oh well, I feel that more babysitting opportunities with this girl might arrive. She's a single mom so I'd imagine she wouldn't mind some free babysitting every now and then. (Yes, free. She's a single mom for goodness sake.)

That's me. (This is how someone in Scotland says "I'm done.")