Sunday, January 02, 2005

Our Hogmanay "party" was a success. Even though only one couple showed, we had a good time. And as it turned out, had any other couples shown up, we probably would not have enjoyed our new board game, Purple Ronnie's Groovy Game of Risks and Rhymes. It's not a game for all walks of life. It's definitely a "I-dare-you-to-moon-the-bus!" game. Fun times. We also played Scrabble and Absolute Balderdash. Bored games? I think not.

Scott and I have the day off tomorrow so we're hoping to find something exciting to do, like go bowling. Anyone wanna join us?

Tonight we are doing the praise at church so we better get moving. We almost had the chance to babysit for a newborn (!), but the opportunity was passed up. We didn't react fast enough. Oh well, I feel that more babysitting opportunities with this girl might arrive. She's a single mom so I'd imagine she wouldn't mind some free babysitting every now and then. (Yes, free. She's a single mom for goodness sake.)

That's me. (This is how someone in Scotland says "I'm done.")

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