Monday, January 17, 2005


-It is snowing and sticking. We hope the snow will build up so high we'll be "stranded" tomorrow and unable to make it to work.

-My Friend Date got cancelled again, this time due to the snow. It's the third time. We rescheduled for Wednesday which actually works better. I'll have money then, and we're going shopping at Braehead. We plan on gossipping about our husbands. (I've never gotten to do that before!!)

-I gave my manager lots of advice on his love life that he probably won't take. What is it with people? He's in love with her, she's in love with him, they both feel like they could spend the rest of their lives together, and they both love Jesus, so why is there a problem??

-Scott promised to clean the house so he's somewhere singing to music and presumably cleaning. He's a good man.

-I was a big girl and went to the bank all by myself to raise a complaint. Then I called the Recruiting office for that job that I want (see a few posts down) to ask some technical questions about the application. It asks for Highers scores, but we don't do "Highers" in America. Granted, we do ACT/SAT but I'm not gonna admit to my horendous score on that! So I'm just gonna give them my high school and university GPAs. That'll look good.

-I sewed.

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