Saturday, November 29, 2003

This weekend was Thanksgiving break.
I got no rest, I stressed about school the whole time, and nothing went right.
I cried a lot.
The end.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

It just wouldn't be a family get together without countless admonitions to lose weight, take out my nose ring, go back to my natural hair color, and vote Republican. I love Thanksgiving.
Superprops to Chris Bray for getting my new website up and running. Once I've bought a couple HTML for Dummies books and some cool software like PhotoShop or Dreamweaver, I'll start doing some rad stuff with my new website. Go check it out.

Dang it, I'm on my parents computer and they don't have javascript and I don't have time to download it. I can't work the links. Scotty, if you get time today, will you enable my links? Chris Bray's site is Gotta give credit where credit is due. *wink.

I ask Scott because for him, today is not a holiday. For US (pun on us and U.S....) it's Thanksgiving!!! Scoredy-score-score! My family is being ridiculous though, Aunt Donna doesn't want to start lunch until 3:00. Are you kidding me?? We usually have to wait 'til 2 as it is! There's no way we're gonna be able to wait 'til 3 to eat! She's crazy. I want some turkey.

My family makes great food. For Christmas every year we have Christmas Eve Breakfast-for-Dinner, and we eat chocolate gravy and biscuits. I was sad that Scott was going to have to miss out on this delicious cuisine, but he's in luck! Mom said she'll make it TWICE! Once for Christmas Eve, and then one day when Scott and I are down here!

I met my new step-grandma. She's so cool. She's real spunky (a word only used to describe older people), and girly, and she fawns all over my grandpa. They're like two teenagers. Gross me out. Haha. They PDA- it's so weird. I think it's great though. Why should people be expected to stop adoring each other just because they're senior citizens? They're newlyweds. Let them act like newlyweds.

So far it's been good to be back home. Aside from Mom waking me up at 7 this morning. Other than that, it's been great.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

- there we go, all the links are nice and linked. Scott

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Christmas Shopping

Oh, kind visiters, do not move swiftly on to the next recently published blog. This is no rant on the consumerism of Christmas. Quite frankly, it doesn't bother me.

No, instead, this is much less interesting.

I finished my Christmas shopping last night. Well, incidently. Incidently is probably not the word I really mean to use but I'm using it. I still have a few friends that I should probably buy gifts for. But Kim said she wants something I've made, so score! that'll be easy, and Ingrid- well, Ingrid doesn't like anything we get her (*wink) so I still have to think hard on that. But as far as family and boyfriend and best friend go, I am fini!

A lot of people in my circle of being have this huge anti-Christmas shopping attitude. I suppose I can understand, the whole missing the meaning of Christmas thing- but in having an anti-Christmas shopping attitude, we miss another meaning of Christmas. Christmas is ultimately about giving. It is celebrated because God gave his Son to us on earth so we might have eternal life. That's the best present anyone could ever dream of. So we have this tradition of giving gifts to others.

Now the truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter what is given. It's the thought that counts. There is a huge problem of the giving side of things being replaced with the getting. "It's the thought that counts" doesn't apply anymore. However, this shouldn't mean that giving presents at Christmas is a bad thing.

I love to give things. I love to spend my hard-earned money to get something for someone else. I like to buy someone's meal if I have the money to do it. I like to see something in a store that someone I know would like and pick it up for them. So Christmas is a lot of fun for me. I love finding that perfect gift. I love coming home with tons of shopping bags and look through everything and know that very little of it is for me. Then I love to spend the afternoon wrapping everything. I love watching someone open the gift I got them and see them get super excited if I did good.

Many people in my circle think that the best gift is something that you made. One year, a friend of mine bought nothing and made everything- a song for his mom, a mix tape for his brother, etc. I think that's great. But let's not judge everyone for not making their gifts because frankly, not everyone is creative like that. And in my case, not everyone's family would like that. My family is great, but truthfully, if I painted a picture for my mom, she'd like it and then put it in the closet. Or if I wrote a poem, they wouldn't get it. They just aren't artistically appreciative people. It's no fault of theirs. It's just how they are. My mom would prefer a DVD over a painting any day. For me to give her something I made would be me trying to make her into something she simply isn't, which is precisely what I hate for people to do to me.

So I guess this did turn into a rant. A rant for the other team. Sorry if I misled you. I misled myself.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Greetings, gentle bloggers and blogreaders:

On this 25th of November (Isn't this someone's birthday? Robin? Jon March from my Pakistan team? Andrew? If it's Andrew, I'm a horrible person for not remembering...) Sorry. As I was about to say....

Forget what I was about to say, who's birthday is it today??? I think it's Andrew. Aha! It is! Andrew, happy birthday! I'm so glad I remembered. And I'm so glad you don't have a permanent place of residence and/or email so I'm off the hook for not remembering. Taylor, tell Andrew happy birthday and to be a good 22 year old.

OK. So now I can say what I was gonna say.

I don't remember now.

Oh well. It's almost Thanksgiving Day, folks. I love Thanksgiving. I love the food, I love getting together with my loud and crazy family, I love hearing my Aunt Phyllis scream about everything, I love my Uncle Jon poking everyone in the ribs when they least expect it, I love getting out of school for a few days just a week before finals. So in honor of Thanksgiving, I shall make a short, not all inclusive list of the things I am very thankful for.

1. Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.
2. God's "sovereign pleasure" in keeping me alive and keeping me for one of his own.
3. A family who loves me and supports me and is funny about it. (A family who stopped paying for my college because of my nosering- I'm thankful for you.)
4. A good job and a wonderful boss. Jamie (along with Wade Ogle) is the best boss I've ever had.
5. Scott because he likes me no matter what I do or say. He really likes ME. He's very special to me.
6. Andrew because he's taught me so much about myself and the world. He's very special to me.
7. Amanda because she's been there for me for as long as we've been "real" friends, and I love her very much. But if she was a boy I wouldn't marry her, because she's not my type.
8. My apartment, my car, and all my other provisions.
9. Music, art, literature.
10. All of my friends, which I won't list because I'll hurt feelings if I forget one. All of my friends mean something very special to me. But I will say especially Ingrid, Taylor, Joshua, Kristen, and Devon.

Thanks, Jesus, for everything and everyone you've given me.

Happy Thanksgiving, all, even you from other countries- you can be thankful on this day, too. (It's always the 4th Thursday of November.)

Monday, November 24, 2003

I don't know what the deal with my photo album is, I'll find out why those pictures are down.

Meanwhile, I finished my self-portrait tonight.

I think it looks like me.
I got to thinking today. I think the strangest couple would have to be between a lesbian and a transvestite. Because the lesbian could fall for the girlness of the male transvestite because she looks like a girl but to be with the transvestite, she'd really be being with a man and if she's a lesbian she wouldn't want to be with a man. And the transvestite could like the lesbian but it would have to be a situation like he was a man who believed he was meant to be a girl and to be a lesbian girl. Which in that case he might as well be a straight man. But it's all possible. So it's strange.

Next topic.
I had the most awesome priviledge of hanging out with Taylor this weekend.

He came down from Waco for the Aqueduct show and afterwards he and his brother Andrew stayed at my house. We were up all hours of the night talking about the olden days when me and T would talk about girls, and T would rub my shoulders (the Rudds have amazing massage capabilities), and all other sorts of lovely reminiscing. Also stay tuned for Andrew's new blog which he will begin in the weeks to come.

Neeext topic.
I need to find something cool to do for New Year's. Scott will be here, and his people apparently really party it up on New Year's. I've been lame for the past -- my whole life at New Year's so I gotta find something cool to do to impress him. Although he'll argue "You don't need to impress me" or something equally boyfriendy, it's still true.

Last topic.
So I've decided I like Justin Timberlake. So what. He was funny on Saturday Night Live. That's the only reason.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Easy like Sunday morning...

Ok so it's Saturday. Close enough.

Oh, what a lovely this weekend 's been already!
I got to bed early last night and awoke late today.
Last night, Amanda and I went to Dixie Cafe
and Emily and Bradley came o'er later.
I dyed my hair Medium Golden Brown and 't looks nice.
This morning before e'er getting out o' bed
I finished the reading of King Lear.
Now, 't being 11:45 am I am eating a bowl of Chex
and blogging.

Tonight is the Aqueduct show at JRs.
I've no cause to leave the house 'til then.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Weblog Fire Escape

If you kindly look to your left you will see a little green escape icon. Folks, this is for all you at work right now. When you see this little icon, you can be sure that you won't get fired for doing unworkrelated work. If you would like to use this to the fullest, click here to set your own mock work page. Anytime you're reading a blog that has this handy little icon, and you hear your boss walking down the hall, click on the icon and you will immediately look like an intent employee.

Always well meaning,
I'm working on an Alter Ego blogger- I don't understand why they keep changing the format. I want to cry. Alter Ego coming soon.
I haven't done these in a while because I've decided they're stupid. But being an English major, I love anything that asks me for adjectives, nouns, pronouns, subjunctive clauses, whatever (I used to adore Mad Libs) so here I go:

1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.


2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.
cheap, devious

3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.
oneiric, mindless, insouciant

4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.
long, uncomfortable, jam-packed, lugubrious

5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.
alpenglow, honey'd, felicitous, godly, meaningful

And one adjective to describe the adjectives I just chose.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

*Edited- Pictures available. See below.*

This is a record for me- three posts in one day. I'm so cool.
*Scott- don't bother reading this- I just copied my email to you and posted it. No point in writing it all again.

Just Say NO to the U of A Debate Fee!
Lunch today was a great exciting drama. If I hadn't alreay posted so much today I'd blog about it. There are these 15 guys on campus that no one likes but who believe they are God's gift to the University of Arkansas. These guys all happen to be on the Debate team. I hate-- I dislike them all. There's this one, I've known of him since my freshman year and I've never liked him. He is Pretentious, he is the very vessel pretention sails on, and he is everywhere kissing so much ass you'd think he was engaged to one. He entered the Arabic Speech Contest the year I did. Our speeches were meant to be 3-5 mins long- His lasted a horrific 25. His Arabic was attrocious, no one had any clue what he was talking about. A girl from Syria spent the whole time frowning at him and looking at her watch and getting thoroughly pissed off with this guy terrorizing her language. She said it resembled something like a cross between Persian and Turkish. He has a big butt. He's on Student Council. He carries a laptop. He thinks he's Bill Clinton.

The Debate Team has started a petition to include the Debate Fee in our tuition. It will cost us each some small price of like $3- though today I heard $23- and its to give them money to compete nationally. Fair enough. But I've been against it, passively, just because I see no reason to give the Debate Team money when there are a gazillion other organizations who don't have money, like Inspirational Singers, for instance, the University's black gospel choir. We had to pay $50 a semester to travel in Inspire. It sucked, but we did it. I feel that if every debater can afford an SUV, they too can afford a $50 travel fee.

Today they were giving out free hot dogs outside the union. Nice enough. Or so it appeared. They approached everyone in the line and asked them to vote for the Debate fee on their wireless internet laptops. (And they can't afford to travel.) The catch- You couldn't vote no on this computer. You could only vote yes. Then I saw a bunch of people arrive with signs. There was a protest. A Debate Fee protest. This was getting good! Apparently their protest had been broken up when the Debate team called the cops on them. The signs showed that the Cultural fund, which is the fund that supports all the arts and music on campus, has a budget of $95,000 a year. The Debate Team is asking the Cultural fund for-- $95,000. PLUS the tuition fee, I'm assuming. These dismissed protesters now stood by the line yelling to hungry college students things like "Do you want to pay $23 for a free hot dog??!" "Is that hot dog worth $95,000??!" It was genius. In the excitement, I began to yell "Protest! Protest!" A Debater pulled out his cell phone and called the police again. A policeman arrived and the Big Butt Debater Who Can't Speak Arabic approached him, shook his hand and said "I don't believe I've met you. My name is...." whatever his name is, I could care less. I told some guy the debaters were shameless. The word shameless caught on and it could be heard repeated throughout. The debaters offered the policeman a hot dog. Kim and I both felt "in our natures" the desire to start karate chopping people or steal the laptops and run away. Excitement was in the air! I got out my digital camera and started taking pictures of the event. I got the police officer and the Big Butt Guy. I got the crowd. I got the protesters. I saw Big Butt presenting his case to some helpless students who just wanted a hot dog. I approached the group and started shooting. Another debater gave me a fierce look and said, "O-kaaaaaaayyy." I smiled and said, "What? I think you're ridiculous." and he retorted, "O-kaaaaaaayyyy."

All in all it was an eventful hour. I had ice cream. I came back to work and voted against the Debate fee.

Click here to view pictures.

Click here to vote against the U of A Debate fee.

Go visit Amanda's site for her opinion on the Debate Fee.

For the first time since I've been old enough to know what the government was, I felt scared today.

Thanks to the US PATRIOT Act, the government is now free to tap into any of my online conversations, search my home without a warrant (without even telling me), put me in jail without an attorney or telling me why, and many many more scary things that violate our very Bill of Rights. The freedom of speech, freedom from unlawful search and seizure, privacy, etc are all in question now in the name of safety. The PATRIOT Act is supposed to be safety against terrorism but the FBI now uses every opportunity they can to find common criminals.

So why am I scared? Because I talk a lot about communism and do a lot of Google searches on the subject, out of pure curiousity and therefore could quite likely be of interest to the FBI. And I made a comment over IM today that was thoughtless and private, but if taken into the wrong hands could eventually cause trouble for someone. If some 22 yr old girl on a cruise ship got put in jail for two years for "Threatening the safety of a mass transportation vehicle" or some crap because she swore to her parents that she would NOT stay on this ship because she wanted to see her boyfriend in California, the same could happen to any of us.

As Ben Franklin once said, "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security." I second that.

Interesting Factoids About the Current Life of Lori

a. I finally have a topic for my Folk Music Paper! I'm going to be interviewing two local musicians about their music and their musical history.

b. I shall complete my History of Literature paper tonight- three days before it's even due!

c. Thanksgiving is next week, and I shall meet my new step-grandmother.

d. I am working up the courage to buy a prostitute to interview for my Senior Honors Thesis- Hey, it's not illegal to talk to someone.

e. Aqueduct is playing at JR's this Saturday.

f. I'll see Taylor at Aqueduct at JR's this Saturday.

g. My ex-boyfriend but current friend Andrew has moved to Seattle. (Sort of.)

h. School is approximately over. Two papers, one quiz, a painting, and three finals to go.

Thank you, Jesus. You've been nice to me this semester. Firm, but nice.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Look what I discovered tonight!

I figured out how to a) take pictures in sepia (as well as black/white, high contrast, low contrast, etc) and b) how to set my camera on a timer. Yay! Taking pictures of myself has gone to a whole new level.

Quickly, the weather update: It is simply delicious with the torrential rain and rattling thunder.

Quickly, the Lori update: I'm going to bed. Look at my photo album, I'm having fun with it.


Sunday, November 16, 2003

An amendment made out of pride and I'm ok with that:
The mention of Comm 1313 makes me sound like a freshman. I'm a senior. Just letting you know.
Blog Your Mom

That title doesn't really make any sense. But the article in The Onion does raise some serious issues. Be careful not to let your mom discover your blog, kids. I myself have no cause for worry. Not that my blog is spic-n-span, but my mom doesn't give a crap about my blog. I've even SENT her the website but she's never looked at it. I tell her "You always complain that I don't call enough and keep you up to speed on my life so you can read my blog and know what's up." But she still hasn't looked me up. But if your mom is normal and not going through her midlife crisis and actually gets giddy at the idea of reading her child's onlline diary, just beware, ok?

On an entirely different subject, I've been working all day on my paper on Jonathan Edwards and his sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." I've probably done more thorough work on this paper than ever before. Likely because my own personal interests are involved here. This year has been a year of extreme theological myth breaking and truth seeking. I've since come to accept nearly all the tenants of Calvin's TULIP which puts me in the category as "crazy fundamentalist zealot" but that's all right. I've committed to taking all those doctrines taught me my whole life back to Scripture and finding out the truth. The truth sometimes doesn't manifest itself as pretty like a butterfly. Sometimes to our minds it looks downright cockroachish. But I've definitely come to see so much Biblical evidence in controversial topics such as election, damnation, and atonement than I'd be wrong to reject them. If this is what I see in Scripture, who am I to turn my affections away from it? Anyway, that was a rant. The point was I've been spending all day working on this paper, and I haven't even started the writing of it. I've done thorough research such as reading several of Edwards' other sermons so as to not view "Sinners..." out of context, I've read his personal narrative, and I've spent a great deal of time in Romans reading about election. I've got a detailed outline set out so now the only step left is writing. I'll do that on Tuesday. I'm so good, my paper's not due 'til Friday.

Then I have one more (huge, important) paper left and then finals. That's it folks! This semester is wearing down! It's coming to a close!

Aarrrgghhh, I just remembered I have stupid Comm 1313 homework to do. Forget what I just said. This semester isn't wearing down. It's wearing me out.

I suppose I'm off to do my communications busy work. Wish me luck. Bye.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Boring Work Babble:
Not Worth Chatting About Around the Water Cooler


This is the third CSC Meeting I've experienced since my involvement with Development. They get increasingly more wonderful each year. My first CSC Weekend was a nightmare- stayed after work late, came in between classes, made copies till the printer started smoking, hole punched a gazillion sheets of paper, etc. I was Sandy's "assistant" between Jeanette and Jackie. I hated the world.

The second one I had stopped working directly under Sandy and was assisting Jackie. Jackie had a further reaching vision in mind and we had a lot of stuff done early- ordering 300 U of A pens, binderclips and color coordinated folders. But a few weeks before the actual meeting (or the actual stress) I got a new position as the report writer for Jamie. I was therefore able to bypass the Week of Hell. I brought donuts that morning for everyone else who actually had to worry.

This weekend, it's like there's nothing going on. I'm upstairs, I don't hear anyone talk about it, I know nothing, I do nothing, the CSC meeting affects me nearly none. Aside from getting people some reports they need for the meeting, which is what I do anyway. It's been lovely. What? Stress downstairs? What? I don't know what you're talking about. The University House sure is decorated nice. What for, I wonder?

My life's not so bad, in retrospect.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

This is a nice quiz.

Your soul is bound to the Yellow Rose: The

"I've travelled through the land of
surrender and seen it all. I throw my heart
out and keep my head up, and now I travel
through the land of peace."

The Yellow Rose is associated with friendship,
intuition, and fun. It is governed by the
goddess Hestia and its sign is The Intertwined
Rings, or True Friendship.

As a Yellow Rose, you always look out for your
friends. You would much rather have strong
ties with friends than a single tie with a
lover and your devotion to your friends is
clear. You may have great intuition and be
able to read emotions clearly, but sometimes
you can seem distant yourself.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
brought to you by Quizilla
I Believe in Miracles!

I got a B(+) on my Shakespeare test. Went down from my A- - - from last time, but I'm happy about it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

As I'd Like It

I'd like to believe I'm like Rosalind in Shakespeare's As You Like It. I'd like to believe I can be conservative when others are liberal and liberal when others are conservative, staying true to myself all the way. I'd like to think that when I'm with the Jacqueses of the world, I can boldly speak up for beauty, love, happiness, and positivity, but while with the Orlandos, I am sensible, concrete, blunt, and stoic. Rosalind is the perfect character- she knows when love poetry is bad and is still able to be flattered. She can at one moment say "Men are April when they woo, December when they wed. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives.", then hide in the bushes, faint with love, to observe the man she loves.

I hope I am like Rosalind. I hope I can be a Calvinist Democrat or a charismatic Methodist. I don't want to miss one side of truth because it doesn't match another. I want to know that love is frail and stronger than steel. Controversy and paradox are in everything, and I see no reason to pick a side. If I feel both, I am both. I can have a nose ring and work in an office. I can have a tattoo and go to church. If I needed to hide in the forest, I think I'd dress as Ganymede to experience life. That's what I want to do- experience life. In its truest sense. I want to live like Rosalind. I'd like to believe I've already started to.
First let me say, I am really surprised by the current status of my poll question. Maybe it's just my readership, but I never expected to have such an overwhelming count of No responses.

I have a poem today for girl named Katie. You don't know her. (You might though.)

There was a wee lass in a castle
She was never allowed out to play
She longed to dance in the forest
She sighed for this night and day.

Her father was an evil duke,
Her brothers full of spite.
They never let her leave her room
Though she begged them day and night.

One day while gazing over
Her balcony so high
She spotted a handsome warrior
As radiant as the sky.

He was head to toe in armor
His horse was flashing white.
She turned away and closed her eyes
She couldn't bear the sight.

She found herself in tears
Longing for true love
She retreated to her chambers
As the warrior searched above.

He'd heard the cries of loneliness
He wondered how it could be
He knew in his heart he loved her
He determined she should be free.

With his hands he worked all day
To build a latter tall
He finished just at sundown
And leaned the latter to the wall.

He climbed the latter stealthily
And quietly he climbed
Until he reached the balcony
Where this lass he'd find.

She was praying on her knees
To be rescued some day soon
The warrior kneeled beside her
In case the girl should swoon.

She did not swoon at all
For she knew her day had come
The warrior rescued her from her jail
And promised her a home.

He married her that evening
And wisked her far away
From the evil duke and brothers,
To a forest where she could play.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Things I Am Really Afraid Of:
1. Spiders
2. Spiders in my shoes
3. Spiders in my bed
4. Kidnappers
5. Elevators in my dreams
6. Going insane
7. Going insane and acting out on repressed anger
8. Walking around with my skirt hiked up in the back

And #8 is precisely what happened today.

Thank you.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

It's been a highly productive day. I have not only gotten a lot of work related work done, I have also improved my blog and my photo gallery. I'm very happy today is Thursday. This means I get paid tomorrow. (Actually, I get paid Monday, but it'll be direct deposited, so I can write checks all weekend!) This also means that Scott is now only 50 days away from me.

Now I'm sure you are dying to know how the Belle & Sebastian show went. In one word- there is no one word. It was incredible, it was happy, it was fun, it was captivating. Stuart is single-handedly the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I think we made eye contact at one point. I had a great time. The opening band was Rasputina, and they were phenomenal. Two goth girls in corsets and petticoats playing cellos and singing. It was brilliant. I admit I have been one to mock Rasputina, but I did so in ignorance. If I'd had any idea how amazing they were, I would've been to the last two Fayetteville shows of theirs. Now they'll probably be like the Faint, and now that I've discovered them, they'll tour with No Doubt and never play Fayetteville again.

Oh, and did I mention Jake's car got broken into and our bags stolen? And did I mention I had three University issued keys and its a $50 fine for each lost key? And did I mention how bad that freaking sucks??

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I'm going to add a "feature"- It's my webpicks for the month. I'll start out by plugging for my webpicks here by saying "Here is my first Monthly webpick: Disposable Art Crimez." Enjoy.
I'm trying to think of a new poll question. If anyone has a good one, let me know.

Tonight, or shall I say today, I leave for Lawrence, Kansas to see Belle & Sebastian. I'm pretty excited. I've got my little backpack with me at work today with my change of clothes, toothbrush, and ticket. I almost forgot my ticket. There are a million reasons I know there is a God but yesterday's reason was that He reminded me to print off my ticket. It's been saved on my computer for two months, and after booking, I never thought of the ticket again. At 1:00 I shall meet Jake, Robin and some guy called Eddie in the Student Union for the roadtrip of the year. It's gonna be awkward, as I only know Jake and Robin, and really, I don't know them, we're just acquainted. Oh well! Pretty Scottish music tonight!

Stu is hot, that's a fact.

I'm wearing funny shoes, that's a fact.

It's supposed to be cold in Lawrence so I'm bringing my Rangers scarf to support the 'Gers and the Scots traveling in my country.

And that's that.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Working on putting up a photo gallery.
Hello, one and all.

This is Scott. Blogging for Lori. She's much too busy to do such a thing.

I also think this might be a test, to see how reliable and un-silly I am. ;).

Well, what has Lori been up to recently? She had a great Halloween party, I'm informed. She went as little Bo Peep, or Mary of having a little lamb fame. I can't remember which. Possibly both.

On Saturday, Lori intended to do some SERIOUS studying. But she watched movies instead.

On Sunday, my girlfriend was very good. She went to church, and enjoyed the meeting greatly. The sermon was about talking all nice and whatnot. Upon coming home, she called me/I called her (I can't remember which). Then she did commence her studies. Then a break. Then a study group.

A studious girl, is my girlfriend.

Which brings us to today. She took her Shakespeare test. She is trepidacious about the whole venture.

Now she's at work.

This is really weird. I feel like a news reporter or something. Which brings me to another point: the news sounds crazy when it's delivered by an American. Can you guys really take it seriously? It sounds like action heroes reading the news. I yearn for the days when the news was read by plummy, Middle England accented gentleman. Lovely.

I wonder how many people will be confused about me posting this. Is it weird? Comment.

Well, eh, bye!