Tuesday, November 11, 2003

First let me say, I am really surprised by the current status of my poll question. Maybe it's just my readership, but I never expected to have such an overwhelming count of No responses.

I have a poem today for girl named Katie. You don't know her. (You might though.)

There was a wee lass in a castle
She was never allowed out to play
She longed to dance in the forest
She sighed for this night and day.

Her father was an evil duke,
Her brothers full of spite.
They never let her leave her room
Though she begged them day and night.

One day while gazing over
Her balcony so high
She spotted a handsome warrior
As radiant as the sky.

He was head to toe in armor
His horse was flashing white.
She turned away and closed her eyes
She couldn't bear the sight.

She found herself in tears
Longing for true love
She retreated to her chambers
As the warrior searched above.

He'd heard the cries of loneliness
He wondered how it could be
He knew in his heart he loved her
He determined she should be free.

With his hands he worked all day
To build a latter tall
He finished just at sundown
And leaned the latter to the wall.

He climbed the latter stealthily
And quietly he climbed
Until he reached the balcony
Where this lass he'd find.

She was praying on her knees
To be rescued some day soon
The warrior kneeled beside her
In case the girl should swoon.

She did not swoon at all
For she knew her day had come
The warrior rescued her from her jail
And promised her a home.

He married her that evening
And wisked her far away
From the evil duke and brothers,
To a forest where she could play.

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