Monday, November 03, 2003

Hello, one and all.

This is Scott. Blogging for Lori. She's much too busy to do such a thing.

I also think this might be a test, to see how reliable and un-silly I am. ;).

Well, what has Lori been up to recently? She had a great Halloween party, I'm informed. She went as little Bo Peep, or Mary of having a little lamb fame. I can't remember which. Possibly both.

On Saturday, Lori intended to do some SERIOUS studying. But she watched movies instead.

On Sunday, my girlfriend was very good. She went to church, and enjoyed the meeting greatly. The sermon was about talking all nice and whatnot. Upon coming home, she called me/I called her (I can't remember which). Then she did commence her studies. Then a break. Then a study group.

A studious girl, is my girlfriend.

Which brings us to today. She took her Shakespeare test. She is trepidacious about the whole venture.

Now she's at work.

This is really weird. I feel like a news reporter or something. Which brings me to another point: the news sounds crazy when it's delivered by an American. Can you guys really take it seriously? It sounds like action heroes reading the news. I yearn for the days when the news was read by plummy, Middle England accented gentleman. Lovely.

I wonder how many people will be confused about me posting this. Is it weird? Comment.

Well, eh, bye!

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