Monday, November 24, 2003

I got to thinking today. I think the strangest couple would have to be between a lesbian and a transvestite. Because the lesbian could fall for the girlness of the male transvestite because she looks like a girl but to be with the transvestite, she'd really be being with a man and if she's a lesbian she wouldn't want to be with a man. And the transvestite could like the lesbian but it would have to be a situation like he was a man who believed he was meant to be a girl and to be a lesbian girl. Which in that case he might as well be a straight man. But it's all possible. So it's strange.

Next topic.
I had the most awesome priviledge of hanging out with Taylor this weekend.

He came down from Waco for the Aqueduct show and afterwards he and his brother Andrew stayed at my house. We were up all hours of the night talking about the olden days when me and T would talk about girls, and T would rub my shoulders (the Rudds have amazing massage capabilities), and all other sorts of lovely reminiscing. Also stay tuned for Andrew's new blog which he will begin in the weeks to come.

Neeext topic.
I need to find something cool to do for New Year's. Scott will be here, and his people apparently really party it up on New Year's. I've been lame for the past -- my whole life at New Year's so I gotta find something cool to do to impress him. Although he'll argue "You don't need to impress me" or something equally boyfriendy, it's still true.

Last topic.
So I've decided I like Justin Timberlake. So what. He was funny on Saturday Night Live. That's the only reason.

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