Friday, November 14, 2003

Boring Work Babble:
Not Worth Chatting About Around the Water Cooler


This is the third CSC Meeting I've experienced since my involvement with Development. They get increasingly more wonderful each year. My first CSC Weekend was a nightmare- stayed after work late, came in between classes, made copies till the printer started smoking, hole punched a gazillion sheets of paper, etc. I was Sandy's "assistant" between Jeanette and Jackie. I hated the world.

The second one I had stopped working directly under Sandy and was assisting Jackie. Jackie had a further reaching vision in mind and we had a lot of stuff done early- ordering 300 U of A pens, binderclips and color coordinated folders. But a few weeks before the actual meeting (or the actual stress) I got a new position as the report writer for Jamie. I was therefore able to bypass the Week of Hell. I brought donuts that morning for everyone else who actually had to worry.

This weekend, it's like there's nothing going on. I'm upstairs, I don't hear anyone talk about it, I know nothing, I do nothing, the CSC meeting affects me nearly none. Aside from getting people some reports they need for the meeting, which is what I do anyway. It's been lovely. What? Stress downstairs? What? I don't know what you're talking about. The University House sure is decorated nice. What for, I wonder?

My life's not so bad, in retrospect.

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