Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Interesting Factoids About the Current Life of Lori

a. I finally have a topic for my Folk Music Paper! I'm going to be interviewing two local musicians about their music and their musical history.

b. I shall complete my History of Literature paper tonight- three days before it's even due!

c. Thanksgiving is next week, and I shall meet my new step-grandmother.

d. I am working up the courage to buy a prostitute to interview for my Senior Honors Thesis- Hey, it's not illegal to talk to someone.

e. Aqueduct is playing at JR's this Saturday.

f. I'll see Taylor at Aqueduct at JR's this Saturday.

g. My ex-boyfriend but current friend Andrew has moved to Seattle. (Sort of.)

h. School is approximately over. Two papers, one quiz, a painting, and three finals to go.

Thank you, Jesus. You've been nice to me this semester. Firm, but nice.

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