Thursday, November 06, 2003

It's been a highly productive day. I have not only gotten a lot of work related work done, I have also improved my blog and my photo gallery. I'm very happy today is Thursday. This means I get paid tomorrow. (Actually, I get paid Monday, but it'll be direct deposited, so I can write checks all weekend!) This also means that Scott is now only 50 days away from me.

Now I'm sure you are dying to know how the Belle & Sebastian show went. In one word- there is no one word. It was incredible, it was happy, it was fun, it was captivating. Stuart is single-handedly the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I think we made eye contact at one point. I had a great time. The opening band was Rasputina, and they were phenomenal. Two goth girls in corsets and petticoats playing cellos and singing. It was brilliant. I admit I have been one to mock Rasputina, but I did so in ignorance. If I'd had any idea how amazing they were, I would've been to the last two Fayetteville shows of theirs. Now they'll probably be like the Faint, and now that I've discovered them, they'll tour with No Doubt and never play Fayetteville again.

Oh, and did I mention Jake's car got broken into and our bags stolen? And did I mention I had three University issued keys and its a $50 fine for each lost key? And did I mention how bad that freaking sucks??

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