Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Greetings, gentle bloggers and blogreaders:

On this 25th of November (Isn't this someone's birthday? Robin? Jon March from my Pakistan team? Andrew? If it's Andrew, I'm a horrible person for not remembering...) Sorry. As I was about to say....

Forget what I was about to say, who's birthday is it today??? I think it's Andrew. Aha! It is! Andrew, happy birthday! I'm so glad I remembered. And I'm so glad you don't have a permanent place of residence and/or email so I'm off the hook for not remembering. Taylor, tell Andrew happy birthday and to be a good 22 year old.

OK. So now I can say what I was gonna say.

I don't remember now.

Oh well. It's almost Thanksgiving Day, folks. I love Thanksgiving. I love the food, I love getting together with my loud and crazy family, I love hearing my Aunt Phyllis scream about everything, I love my Uncle Jon poking everyone in the ribs when they least expect it, I love getting out of school for a few days just a week before finals. So in honor of Thanksgiving, I shall make a short, not all inclusive list of the things I am very thankful for.

1. Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.
2. God's "sovereign pleasure" in keeping me alive and keeping me for one of his own.
3. A family who loves me and supports me and is funny about it. (A family who stopped paying for my college because of my nosering- I'm thankful for you.)
4. A good job and a wonderful boss. Jamie (along with Wade Ogle) is the best boss I've ever had.
5. Scott because he likes me no matter what I do or say. He really likes ME. He's very special to me.
6. Andrew because he's taught me so much about myself and the world. He's very special to me.
7. Amanda because she's been there for me for as long as we've been "real" friends, and I love her very much. But if she was a boy I wouldn't marry her, because she's not my type.
8. My apartment, my car, and all my other provisions.
9. Music, art, literature.
10. All of my friends, which I won't list because I'll hurt feelings if I forget one. All of my friends mean something very special to me. But I will say especially Ingrid, Taylor, Joshua, Kristen, and Devon.

Thanks, Jesus, for everything and everyone you've given me.

Happy Thanksgiving, all, even you from other countries- you can be thankful on this day, too. (It's always the 4th Thursday of November.)

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