Sunday, November 16, 2003

Blog Your Mom

That title doesn't really make any sense. But the article in The Onion does raise some serious issues. Be careful not to let your mom discover your blog, kids. I myself have no cause for worry. Not that my blog is spic-n-span, but my mom doesn't give a crap about my blog. I've even SENT her the website but she's never looked at it. I tell her "You always complain that I don't call enough and keep you up to speed on my life so you can read my blog and know what's up." But she still hasn't looked me up. But if your mom is normal and not going through her midlife crisis and actually gets giddy at the idea of reading her child's onlline diary, just beware, ok?

On an entirely different subject, I've been working all day on my paper on Jonathan Edwards and his sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." I've probably done more thorough work on this paper than ever before. Likely because my own personal interests are involved here. This year has been a year of extreme theological myth breaking and truth seeking. I've since come to accept nearly all the tenants of Calvin's TULIP which puts me in the category as "crazy fundamentalist zealot" but that's all right. I've committed to taking all those doctrines taught me my whole life back to Scripture and finding out the truth. The truth sometimes doesn't manifest itself as pretty like a butterfly. Sometimes to our minds it looks downright cockroachish. But I've definitely come to see so much Biblical evidence in controversial topics such as election, damnation, and atonement than I'd be wrong to reject them. If this is what I see in Scripture, who am I to turn my affections away from it? Anyway, that was a rant. The point was I've been spending all day working on this paper, and I haven't even started the writing of it. I've done thorough research such as reading several of Edwards' other sermons so as to not view "Sinners..." out of context, I've read his personal narrative, and I've spent a great deal of time in Romans reading about election. I've got a detailed outline set out so now the only step left is writing. I'll do that on Tuesday. I'm so good, my paper's not due 'til Friday.

Then I have one more (huge, important) paper left and then finals. That's it folks! This semester is wearing down! It's coming to a close!

Aarrrgghhh, I just remembered I have stupid Comm 1313 homework to do. Forget what I just said. This semester isn't wearing down. It's wearing me out.

I suppose I'm off to do my communications busy work. Wish me luck. Bye.

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