Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Busy

Usually these days when Fifi goes down for a nap, I spend her naptime working. I've got about a hundred (only very very slightly exaggerating there) reports to work on for my friend's company, advertising for two companies and house-work always waiting. But today, Fi went down a bit late, and we have to leave in about 30 minutes for my breastfeeding course, so there's no point in delving into any of the above work. So I'll sneak in a wee blog post.

Good things are happening with TinyTalk. Well, okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration as it's only one thing, but it's big. We'll be working a stand at the Scotland Baby Show 2008. The Baby Show is in Glasgow, which is excellent because loads of people from my area go into Glasgow for things like baby shows. The only downside is... the Baby Show is the weekend my mom arrives. I'm going to work one day of it, so I'm sorry, Mom, but it's too good an advertising opportunity to pass up. I might buy my mom and mother-in-law tickets to the show so they can come (with Fifi) so I can see them for a little bit.

There are a few dates coming up which require me being away from Fif for the whole day. I know most people would think 'big deal' because most people have already spent many a day away from their babies at this age. But not me. However, there are three days in March/April which will require it. I know Fifi (and I) will be fine, at least physically, but I'm sure it'll be a hard few days on us both regardless. Fifi still loves to nurse during the day, and I still love to nurse her. However, she can't come to Edinburgh with me for a TinyTalk regional meeting, or the TT Training Day, or the Baby Show so... it looks like the time has come to deal. I'm actually really nervous about it.

I don't think I'll feel much better about it in a few minutes when I take her to the creche just for her to refuse to go in.

(However, the weather is gorgeous today so maybe the kids will go outside during the creche time, and Fifi would then forget about me completely. She loves the outdoors.)

(In fact, the weather has been lovely for days.)

Well, I need to go now and get stuff together for the afternoon.

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