Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Car Saga (Cont.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...

My car broke down again. This time, the exhaust fell out at 10.30 at night while it was just me and Fifi in the car in a somewhat dodgy area.

If it's never happened to you (or if you are car-stupid like me), let me just tell you how scary it is... the exhaust is bigger than just a puny pipe... I thought the transmission had fallen out or something (not like I know what that is, either).

It's also due for its MOT, so we took it to the garage to see what the damage (in £ terms) was. For two driveshaft gators, a new back box, two more other things that I didn't recognise the name of and the MOT, he was going to charge us, well, more than the car could be sold for. We thought it was time to say bye-bye to Skoda.

However, we then took it elsewhere for a second opinion, and the guy quoted us half what the other guy did, so we're getting it done tomorrow. For the time being, we've got a really noisy car that makes me sound like a boy-racer any time I drive it.

As much as we can't afford a new car, I was kinda crushing on a new one of these...

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