Monday, April 21, 2008

First Class

Today, in about three hours, I run my first TinyTalk class. I haven't been nervous at all up until this point. Now my mind is racing with worst-case scenarios, and I'm positively sick to my stomach! What if no one shows up! Worse, what if ONE mum shows up? We'll see.

Here's a very nervous TinyTalk teacher:

I think I'm ready. I'm going to glance back over my lesson plan even though I should know it like the back of my hand now. I just hope all works out. It's the logistics that worry me, like what if there aren't enough chairs in the room or what if every single mum brings a pram (and the room isn't big enough for that many prams) or what if the room I've hired is double booked because they forgot about me? See, I'm being silly, but really, SO NERVOUS.

I'll try to be courteous enough to let you know how it goes. If the result isn't too painful to talk about...

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