Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Under Construction

The site is currently under construction as you can probably guess if you have been checking our site frequently (and by frequently I mean yesterday, the day before, and today). We've had to make some major adjustments to the blogger code in order to make frames work, which in return made blogger un-work, so we're under construction for the time being. Posts may be made (actually, I'm sure they will be made) but links, graphics, etc. are all going to be down until we get this all sorted.

We have also been given the priviledge of being asked (and being paid!) to design some websites for a family run company here in the area. So we're just regular web designers these days! It's all very exciting and professional-ish. I love it.

Anyway, more updates soon, more exciting updates that regard things you care about.

Like for instance, my party that is coming up very soon. :D

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