Friday, April 15, 2005

Big things are happening here at Scott and We are looking into switching over to Wordpress from Blogger, though we may have to upgrade our server to allow PHP and MySQL. (Hehe, I love talking like this. I don't know what the crap I'm talking about.) Blogger has been good to us, and we hate to leave, but they just aren't suitable for our needs any longer. We've outgrown them, I'm sad to say, and I will miss them.

Scott is supposed to try to get the graphics and frames back up on the site today. Whether he'll actually get around to it, I can't say. It's his day off, and he has a new video game. I have my doubts.

Tomorrow we plan to spend a buttload of moolahs. I'm getting my bridesmaid dress tomorrow, and if I can talk the old man into it, I'm also gonna order a hairpiece. I wanna look like Camilla on her wedding day, only less Royal Family and old. Yes, I get my fashion clues from the RF.

(Actually, I wanted this hairpiece long before the Prince's wedding. I didn't think it so much Royal Family as it was Singing in the Rain.)

I said big things were happening at Scott and I think I lied. Nothing else big is happening. We do have two major holidays coming up, which is exciting. Prince Edward Island in only a few months. Our friends Graeme and Emily are getting married. (And Scott is the Best Man!) Then shortly after that, we're off to Arkansas for my little bro's wedding. (And I'm a bridesmaid!) Weddings are in the air. I like to think I started it. :D

Don't forget about the Unbelievable Cheek Award Nominations. I only have two submissions aside from my own, and I need many many more! Come on friends from home, we all know some people with unbelievable cheek. (Translation-audacity, er... I don't know any good definitions. Cheek is the best word for it.)

Ta ta.

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