Thursday, April 21, 2005


I do not have one thing to say, nay, nor do I have anything not to say. It's Shmorgishblog® time.

A. I dreamed last night I had really long hair. It was a pretty colour blonde, too. I went to the salon with my best friend Amanda and told the lady to cut it very short and die it gray and red. Luckily I chickened out before she did it but after she'd mixed up the red dye, and she was seriously annoyed.

I also dreamed that spiders could fly. I said to Scott, "Told you so!" amidst my
erratic screaming.

B. I had jiggy chops last night at Scott's gran's house. It's not really called jiggy chops but its something like that. I just think it's funny. We watched British soaps, too, which have worse actors than American ones.

C. I'm gonna go to the drama department today to see if they have any costumes I could borrow for my Murder Mystery dinner tomorrow night. 1770 is the year Lucky Farquar died. I love the 70's!

D. I've learned that in the workplace I get along really well with Jamies and really badly with Joes.

E. I've learned I am an ENFJ personality type: thats a
• slightly expressed extrovert
• moderately expressed intuitive personality
• moderately expressed feeling personality
• very expressed judging personality

F. Prelyweds think everything about their fiance(e) is oh-so-cute. Hahahaha!

G. Not everything Scott does is oh-so-cute. But he really couldn't be any more perfect for me. I love him a gazillion-fold.

H. I'm getting bored of my Shmorgishblog®. I'll wrap this up quickly.

I. I want to believe people are still coming to our website even though its under construction and very unattractive at this current time, so I'm doing my best to be interactive here. For comments, what are your favourite words? I like "poodle", "Azerbaijan", "tomfoolery", "debacle", and "alpenglow".

I found costumes for both me and Scott for tomorrow night. And a vase.

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