Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My husband is the cleverest person in the world. He fixed our website. He's my hero.

I still haven't resized my pictures from the weekend.... I've been feeling ill and haven't been up to much this week. I basically just go home, take a hot bath, and then lie on the couch in my pj's until it's reasonable to go to bed. Tonight I don't get that luxury as we're off to Scott's gran again for dinner (mince, neeps and totties with apple tart for dessert). Hopefully I'll have time after to post pics (since perhaps my friends back home would like to see my long hair.)

Once again, don't forget to send in your stories for the Unbelievable Cheek Awards. I meant to have a permanent link at the top of the page reminding everyone, but with our template overhaul, I haven't had the time (or the ability to be quite frank). And I can't even post the permalink now that we've got these frames.... Hmm, that's dead annoying. Friday 8 April post will tell all about the Award if you are yet unfamiliar. I will post the submissions sometime in May, perhaps towards the end in hopes that we'll get more submissions. The more submissions, the more cheeky stories you get to read and vote on!!

I'm tired and need a week off to figure my life out. Heh, make that 50 years off. I'm exhausted.

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