Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Blast From the Past" (Last) Weekend Photoblog

Finally, pictures are resized and ready to go.

Last weekend started out with the Murder Mystery dinner party.

Captain Pigwash [Jonathan]- A salty seadog, sort of pirate-like.

Abraham Washington [Niall]- A radical lawyer who gets pleasure in "championing the underdog".

Aretha Washington [Debbie]- A fervent feminist, married to Abraham Washington. Will stand by her man through thick in thin, though, which doesn't make much sense.

Lord Bristol Twin-Bore [Graeme]- An aristocrat, appointed Governor of New Bristol, reputation for a debauched lifestyle.

Lady Josephine Twin-Bore [Emily]- The twin sister of Lord Bristol Twin-Bore, reputation for dissolute living.

Rev Anthony Blairwitch [Bryce]- An intense - perhaps even fanatical - preacher, "capable of finding a witch in the happiest of homes." Has his own catechism, apparently.

Diana Rose [Sarah]- Glamorous singer, aiming to conquer the New World one preacher at a time.

Beryl Sheep [Ashley]- Famous actress. Together with Diana Rose, she has come to entertain the colonies. A leak expert according to the captain, which must be why he invited her into his cabin that night...

Bit Parts
Butler [Scott]
Housewife [Lori}

Lady Josephine turned out to be the heartless killer, as it turns out. She was also more than Lord Bristol's sister, if ya know what I mean. Not to mention all the other infidelity that was uncovered throughout the night. Seems the only decent people there were the butler and the housewife...

Saturday, Scott and I continued an exploration of history by recovering the tracks of our beginning. We had our breakfast at Caravella's, where we went on our first date. The table in the background was the very table we played footsie under.

Sunday, the weather was so nice, which is such a rare occurrence in Scotland that we made the best of it and went for a picnic at Cornalees, which is where we first held hands. Each of the following pictures is of us repeating what we did that very first walk...

Leaning over the bridge looking down, and Scott wondering if he should kiss me.

Pooh sticks.

The same picture I took of Scott right before he non-chalantly took my hand. But the first time he wasn't drinking a 'bru.

[The following pictures do not reflect that glorious day in the past, but are merely cute.]

Charlie kicks, or whatever they're called.

A gross picture of us.

Right, so that was last weekend. Lots of reminiscing/pretending to be 18th Century. It was good fun.

This weekend is nice, too, so we're off to the Edinburgh Zoo on Monday (a bank holiday!) and perhaps we'll have pictures from that, too.


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