Monday, July 26, 2004


Ok, a little dorky, but...

I've set up a poetry blog.  I am unsure as of right now if I should add comments to it.  As much as I'd like people's feedback, I'm not so sure if that is what I want my poetry blog to be.  I think I'd be antsy to know people's opinions, but on the other hand, really, how many people are even gonna read it all that often?  So we'll see.  Anyway, I've posted two poems to start off with.  I hope you enjoy.  I'll try to post poems regularly.

I have to admit, I typically roll my eyes at such things as "poetry blogs" because generally I hate poetry.  *Grins.  That's what makes me such a great poet, I suppose.  But you judge for yourselves.  And if I decide to enable comments, then you shall be free to share your judgments with me.

And this concludes my advertisement.  I probably will bring up my poetry blog only seldomly, as I do not expect many people to be terribly interested.  It is more  for me to get back into the swing of writing than for boring my meager blogging audience. 

Thank you for your time.

*EDIT:  Comments enabled.

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