Friday, July 16, 2004

I think I've finally become a real poet.  I wrote a poem on the back of an envelope up against the steering wheel driving home on the freeway yesterday.  That makes me authentic.
Plans for the weekend:
1. Make Scott and Lori figurines out of clay for our wedding cake topper.
2. Make Scott the wee present I have in mind.
3. Finish the "Questions" part of my math module and begin the "Problems".
4. Hang out with the Rudds who are in town (and the Boyers.)
5. Kill something, skin it, and eat it.
6. Talk to Mormons.
Last night I went out with Taylor, and we had a good time.  We had feminine drinks at Arsaga's and then went to an art show at the Dickson Theater.  It was appalling.  Ok, I guess I should really watch what I say since I don't know who all reads this.... but I will go ahead and claim my freedom of speech and say the art scene in Fayetteville has crapped all over itself.  Now, first, before I offend the wrong people, there was some good stuff up, namely Paul's photography, Laura's photography, Amjad's paintings.... and there were some good random things up that were, eh, unskilled but very good if you know what I mean.  But a majority of the art made my skin crawl.  I've never seen so many blantant "statements" in one place in all my life.  Tons and tons of pretentious crap.  No longer are people in this town trying to come up with art that is creative or expressive or just plain good and interesting.  It's all show-off art.  It's all "who can be the most prentious?" art.  It's all "Damn the f***ing man, corporations suck, Bush is the anti-Christ" blah blah blah crap.   (Ok so I saw no "Bush is the anti-Christ" art that I know of.  But I know these people....)   Anyway, yuck.  I, as an audience, have the right to state my opinions on the art that I view, and basically all last night was was an excuse for all the pretentious people around here to try to out-pretentious each other.  Oh and to give an excuse for the "Beattles" girls to do their dancing and screaming bit they do at every show. (There were bands playing.  Not very good ones at that.  But I'll keep my mouth shut about the Fayetteville music scene for now.)  So, that's my critique of last night's "$5 suggested donation" art show. (Freaking make it a cover instead of heaping guilt on everyone who comes through the door.)
I'm at work, and work is hard.  Thank you for allowing me to vent for awhile and forget what I'm supposed to be doing for a moment.

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