Friday, July 30, 2004

Six Gerund Phrases and a Book Review

1. Having an address now in Scotland makes it feel more like home.

2. Waiting to fill out paperwork stresses me out. I like paperwork, and I like having it done months in advance.

3. Changing my last name is going to be legally very difficult. If I'm not legally Lori McFarlane, am I still able to sign cheques as her?
3.5. What do I put on my visa application? Lori Arnold or Lori McFarlane? Does it have to match my passport and plane ticket?

4. Dieting in the last months of living in this blessed restaurant-ridden country is getting to be a chore.
4.5. I shouldn't say "months", since it's only one full month and some weeks away.

5. Getting married for me means giving up a lot more than it does for the average couple. Giving up an awesome job, a country, all my belongings, my family and friends, and the joy of opening real wedding presents is a lot.
5.5. Not to mention cornbread and okra.

6. Shipping the few belongings I hold dear and cherished is beginning to look impossible. Unless God sends me $800-1000 in the mail within the next few weeks. Which He's perfectly able to do, though He may choose not to.

7. Intended for Pleasure is not as dirty as I hoped. I suppose one cannot expect dirty out of a Christian marriage book, but with a subtitle like "Sex Technique and Sexual Fulfillment", it wasn't outrageous to hope.

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