Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taste the Rainbow

Today's ODP outfit is brought to you by rainbows and unicorns. Or just rainbows. Or just bright colors. And the sheer chance that I had enough solid bright colored items in my closet to put together a colorful ensemble that has inspired many comments (some I'm not sure were compliments) today. (Like the woman in Walmart who said, "I love your outfit, I wish I could pull that off!" as opposed to the man in Walmart who said, "You sure don't stand out in that!")

I wore The Dress with orange shoes, yellow tights (one of my co-workers spent a fair bit of time trying to pinpoint the exact color of these tights - mustard? chartreuse?), a green shrug and a purple infinity scarf. If only I'd had something red and something blue, I'd be a full rainbow, and possibly a poem (roses are red, violets are... you get the idea). I also spent a good 45 minutes straightening my hair while Jaguar napped this afternoon. It may not look it, but this head has a heckuva lot more hair that you might think, and it's got the same texture that Ms Frizzle would have if cartoon hair could have texture (and be printed on hay). I added the final touch with my orange button earrings (a gift from Rebekkah, if I remember correctly), thus drawing my feet and head all into alignment like some sort of fashion rainbow Pilates pose.

"Pose!" demanded the seven-year-old photographer.

Darn wind.

Button earrings.
And these photos are brought to you by my artsy little photographer, Fifi.

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