Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Lot of Sentence Fragments

Today was a cold, drab day. I slept in. Got breakfast in bed (thanks, hubby!). Went to work. Came home with pizzas. Read Creepy Carrots to the kids before bed. Am now enjoying a clean house (thanks, hubby!) and a quiet evening.

Wore The Dress with a pink and gray striped polo, gray knee socks and black shoes. Hair in two little piggytail buns and a pink clip. Wore the claddagh necklace my Scottish friend Lorna sent me last Christmas. In honor of Homecoming weekend, I'm wearing my senior class ring (year 2000, baby). Feeling very high schoolish.

Could say more, something interesting, something good. But I'm feeling too tired, too quiet. It's a hot cocoa and feel-sorry-for-myself kind of night.

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