Sunday, October 05, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Today I went for sort of a Mom Punk look with a red and white striped tank over The Dress, black beaded necklace and black legwarmers with black slip-ons. Super comfortable and a great excuse to wear red lipstick.

Today was a busy, fun day.  I gave up my Sunday morning lie-in in exchange for a walk with my friend Devon early in the morning.  That's friendship, folks. I love my lazy Sundays.  When I got back home (and into my dress), the kids and I piled into the car to make a Sam's Club run, and Scott decided at the last minute to join us. I know it's just Sam's Club, but it was a lot of fun. The kids love the samples, and I love the pizza in the cafe.


By the time I got home, Scott had to rush to get Lolly to her friend's birthday party, and I got to enjoy the rest of the evening childless by going into work for four hours.  I even got to work with two of my favorite coworkers (although I actually really like all of them!), Isis and Carrie.

Work selfie!

I realize I haven't really written much lately about anything very "blog worthy" aside from October Dress Project updates.  I keep planning on writing some good, heartfelt, make you tear up crap, but by the time I get the kids in bed at night, all I want to do is drink tea and watch Netflix. I'm currently half way through Season 3 of Once Upon A Time, and when I finish that, I'm going on a Gilmore Girls marathon.  

After all, when you come home from work to wild hooligan kids, a cat who has peed on your bed and a month's worth of dishes (it seems) in the sink (but also a husband who made you dinner!), mummies be tired at night.  I'll make you tear up another day.

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