Friday, October 24, 2014

Country Girl

Today I'm trying out my "country" look. I'm not very country, let me first say.  I consider myself way more city than country, but as it turns out, a pair of boots, a fringed sweater and a headband is all it takes to make this girl look like I belong in the woods with a gun and a duck call. Or at least looking pretty in the pickup sitting next to a guy with a gun and a duck call.

I wore The Dress knotted up on both sides (getting a little crazy here!) over rolled up jeans, brown ankle boots (with a little bit of lacy sock showing at the top of the boot) and a skinny black belt around the waist to break up the solid black.  I left my hair wavy and a little wild and wore a stretchy brown headband around my head in a way I've never done before, giving it that hippie/country je ne sais quoi.  I wore a pastel green and pink flower necklace that was a gift from my friend Pauline (in Scotland) several years ago.  A little black and brown semi-dramatic eye make-up finished off the look.

Early in the morning and later this evening, it was a little chillier so I wore the fringed brown wrap-around cardigan when needed. 

Taking these pictures was fun. Jaguar helped.  Most of them turned out poorly, because apparently $15 tripods aren't worth the $15 you spend on them; the top pole kept sliding down and/or coming off, and it wouldn't hold the camera straight.  Christmas idea - a good, quality tripod.  But nonetheless, it was fun doing these pictures.  Except when I put them on the computer to work some Photoshop magic on them, I realized my camera had been on the wrong setting the whole time and all my pictures were blue.  So all non-blue colors in these photos are 100% brought to you by Adobe.

This might be my favorite outfit so far.

Also, I realized my blog deserves an apology for turning into a fashion blog for the whole month of October.  More thought-provoking posts can wait until November with NaBloPoMo.  Just for a month, until DeBloAdMo begins.
Me and my photography assistant

The necklace
Silly sliding tripod.

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