Monday, November 26, 2012

There's A Story of a Lovely Lady...

I put out my Christmas tablecloth today, the one I bought last year in the after-Christmas sale while shopping with my step-mum. The tablecloth brought back memories of last Christmas in Arkansas, meeting my step-parents for the first time.

I might be getting controversial here, but today, I am thankful for my step-parents.

I mean, obviously, my parents' divorce was not something I was happy about or wanted, but in the end, it's what happened and life goes on. What I'm happy about now is that both my parents found someone new that has brought happiness back into their lives. I don't know if it's 'the right thing to say', but I'm really happy that they are happy. And I'm really happy that my step-parents are happy now too.

I've only met my step-mum once, but I've talked to her loads on the phone and on internet chat, and she is such a lovely woman, so friendly, loving and fun. She makes my dad happy, and I'm thankful for that. We have a lot in common, and I know that if I were there, we'd really get along great. She really dotes on my kids and treats them as her own, which is nice considering she has so many biological grandkids already - it's special to me that she has room in her heart for mine too! I look forward to getting to know her better and look forward to showing her around Scotland next Spring! (NOT looking forward to showing yet another person Edinburgh Castle though... ohhh I'm so tired of it!)

I've met my step-dad a couple of times now, and he's a great guy too. He's so generous, helpful and caring, and he makes my mom happy. He would honestly do anything for you, even without you having to ask. He's a gentle fellow and has a big heart. When he and Mom came over to visit after Jaguar was born, he was so easy to get along with and so kind and so good with the kids. I'm really glad I've gotten to know him a bit better, and thankful that my mom is happy.

It's controversial to talk about, because, well, my parents read my blog (I think), and I don't know how they will feel about me liking their ex-spouse's new spouse, but what can I say? There's no point in living in the past, no point in holding a grudge or refusing to allow a new person in. My parents' lives are not my life; all I can do is love them for who they are, not what has happened in their past, and then go on to accept their futures. I like both my new step-parents a lot. I'm thankful for them, thankful they are both nice people, and thankful that my family has increased to allow loads of new people in for me to meet and love. I have now two step-brothers and four step-sisters and far too many step-nieces and nephews than I can even keep track of! I'm thankful for this; my family is bigger and more complicated than ever, but I love it!

Call me a people-pleasing middle child, but I'm thankful everyone is happy once again.

"The only steps in this house are those right there!", says Carol Ann, pointing to the stairs. - a quote I remember from The Brady Bunch

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