Friday, November 09, 2012


It's a Friday, and Fifi was grumpy on the way home from school.

While in the car, she was sobbing about something or other that didn't actually matter in the grand or even tiny scheme of things, when out from behind a building I spotted the most vibrant rainbow I'd ever seen.

Interrupting her calamity, I cried, 'Look at that rainbow!'

Fifi stopped crying for a moment, and she too was awed. It was stunning.

'Quick, Fifi, let's chase this rainbow!' I began driving excitedly, searching for a perfect view of it in a place we could pull over, but buildings kept getting in the way. I wanted to pull over as soon as I could so we could get a great view of it before it disappeared. We drove all the way down the road to our home when finally we found a clearing right in front of our house. There was even a parking space.

From there, we could see that the rainbow arched perfectly from one end to the other, glowing more brightly than any I'd ever seen, and the perfect second full rainbow was visible above it. Fifi and I jumped out of the car and started snapping shots with my camera. She was squealing with glee, and I was only slightly less childish in my exuberance. It was phenomenal. It was absolutely gorgeous.

We stood and admired this wonder of nature for a long time before the rain ushered us inside the house. We ran up the stairs hoping to get a good view from our front window, but by the time we got in, the rainbow had disappeared. But Fifi's spirits were lifted, and so were mine.

I am thankful for little wonders of nature that bring delight to young hearts and older ones alike.

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