Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Day Is Over

Today was a rough day. Lack of sleep, lack of preparation, and it was my Inspection.

Childminders, like nurseries and schools, get inspected by the Care Commission (now called Scottish Social Work or Care something something, I don't know what SCSWIS stands for really). It's a big deal and has a big effect on your business. I, being somewhat of a perfectionist, was not ready for such a big thing only weeks after starting back to work.

My inspection ended up going pretty well, but there were paperwork-type things that I didn't have properly in place, which might affect my grading. Sure most of what the inspector was looking for was fine and she did say I'd probably get a high grading, but those darn pieces of paper are haunting me. I wanted to be perfect. Now I can't stop thinking of my imperfections.

It's ridiculous that of all the positive things that were said today, the only ones I remember are the negative.

I had most of my paperwork in order. The children I look after gave her great reports of their time spent with me. My childminding environment was commended. She even said she appreciated that I'm only just back at work, and she knows from my last review that I have good policies and procedures in place, and I'm right now only just getting back into the swing of things. But still, all I can think is, 'I should've had that done!'


So today, while of course I'm thankful for many things like food, shelter, water, family, friends... well, I'm just thankful that today is over. A few hours sleep, and I can start afresh tomorrow.

"Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it."

(I love Anne of Green Gables.)

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