Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our House Is a Very, Very, Very Fine House

Thirty minutes until tomorrow... better make this quick!

This morning, the kids and I visited a new church. I liked the grown-up part, the kids loved the Sunday School, so looks like we'll be giving it another go. The minister, in his children's address, talked about Thanksgiving and things we can be grateful for. They were mostly the biggies - food, water, shelter - and it reminded me that one of those 'biggies' I have yet to give thanks for this month.


I am thankful for my house. Fifirst, in the big, survival sort of way - I'm thankful that I have shelter from the elements, a warm, dry place to live, sleep, and cook in. But in a more particular way, I'm thankful for this house. We have a great landlady who is friendly, helpful, always on the ball, and approachable. The flat is large and spacious, clean, and perfect for our needs. The kitchen is massive and fits a dining room table, something that is incredibly important to Scott and I as we will always make sure our family sits around the table for dinner at night.

The kids have a massive big bedroom (they are in the master bedroom) with plenty of room for their over-abundance of toys, and floor space to play in. Our room is just big enough for our things plus Jaguar's, and there is even a guest bedroom/store room/library which could be converted into Jaguar's room one day if need be.

And the rent is affordable. I'm really thankful we found this place.

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