Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lolly's Wizard of Oz Birthday

I love planning birthday parties. I start planning for parties months in advance, because I want everything to be perfect.

In the past, Fifi has gotten all the big parties, but Lolly, being the week before Christmas, always ends up with a half-hearted attempt. That's why this year I was determined to give Lolly an awesome birthday.

I've been trolling the internets looking for ideas, and I'm getting pretty excited. I've booked a hall, designed the invitations, planned the games and decided on the food. All Wizard of Oz themed. Wicked Witch of the West Broom Relay Race, Win Lose Or Melt, Musical Yellow Brick Road Chairs, and so forth. (Plus Pass the Parcel at Lolly's request... still trying to think of a WoO rename.) Fifi had the idea of dividing kids into 3 teams, the Tin Men, the Scarecrows and the Cowardly Lions, and Scott suggested they 'win' their party favours in the forms of hearts, brains and courage. For food, we're talking rainbow jelly, a Lollipop Guild Sweetie Shoppe (idea stolen from the net), and of course, a rainbow cake decorated with a yellow brick road, poppies, and an Emerald City.

I am mega-excited.

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