Thursday, November 01, 2012

ODP Sponsor Round-Up

I just cannot thank everyone enough for sponsoring me for this past month. Your generosity is incredible, and the money is going to such a worthy cause. I can't wait to find out how much everyone else doing the project raised and getting a final total!

So for the last weeks of October, a huge thank you goes to Fifii M, Lolly M, Marion and Andy M, Gordon R, Viktoria G, Angela T, Ruth M, Maria W, Ruth B, Carol O, Caroline S and Sheila M. I ended up with 33 sponsors, so thank you Caroline and Sheila for sponsoring me on top of the rest!! Almost everyone has given me their money, but if you're one of the five who haven't, I'll come by and harrass you soon. :D

Thank you everyone. My personal total from all 33 sponsors is £235 and that doesn't even count the rest of the Inverclyde ODPers! Wow!!

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