Friday, November 30, 2012

Scottish Everything

My kids - my favourite Scottish things!
Today is the last of my 30 Days of Thanksgiving. It is also St. Andrew's Day.

So in honour of the latter, I will conclude my series with giving thanks for Scotland. Or rather the opportunity I have been given to live in Scotland.

I love everything about this place, aside from the things I hate (which is largely the weather). A few things I love about Scotland are:

- Scottish humour
- Scottish Blend Tea
- Scottish Nationalist Party
- Scotch (single malt whisky)
- Scots dialect and words
- Scottish accents (various)
- Scottish countryside
- the Clyde
- Potato Scones
- Lorne sausage ('slice')
- Scottish Breakfasts in general (minus black pudding)
- Clootie dumpling
- Robert Burns
- Haggis
- Scottish history (especially stories like the Battle of Stirling Bridge!)
- Tartan

The list could probably go on and on, but these are things that I love about this place. I'm so thankful to live here, and despite the dreich weather, it's a beautiful country with beautiful (if not somewhat pessimistic!) people. I am proud to be honorarily Scottish-American.

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

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